Cloud no 9 Residence by Andrew Simpson Architects

Cloud no 9 Residence by Andrew Simpson Architects

Architects: Andrew Simpson Architects
Location: Fitzroy, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Area: 2,700 square foot
Photos: Christine Francis

This venture includes changes and increments to a memorable 1830’s building situated in the inward city suburb of Fitzroy. Initially working as private stallion stables for a close-by house, the triple block building comprises of a twofold stature distribution center space with timber trusses and clerestory windows, neighboring a two story barn.


The change of the building to a solitary family habitation required a reaction that adjusted the legacy estimation of the current building (which had been regarded separately noteworthy), with the yearning of the customer for an innovative ecologically reasonable house that mirrored their needs as a tight-weave crew.


In spite of the fact that sited in a thick urban setting, the brief required a “feeling of the regular habitat and the children with perspectives to the sky from the inside”. The customers likewise remarked that the relatives “have a tendency to float towards each other from diverse zones of the house”.


Sitting “happy to the point bursting” alludes to the 1896 International Cloud-Atlas in which, of the ten cloud sorts, cloud No. 9, cumulonimbus, was the greatest, puffiest and most open to looking. Mists display both wave-like examples and fractal geometries – one of which is alluded to as an Apollonian gasket.


This geometry shapes a hidden arrangement of association for the house in both arrangement and segment. The fundamental stables zone is a vast open arrangement volume where capacities are depicted by 360 degree unattached joinery.


A winding mezzanine develops overhead, keeping up visual association between the two levels to fortify the idea this is a house that praises “family” as a type of social engagement or gemeinschaft.

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