Casa Curato by Hernández Silva Arquitectos

Casa Curato by Hernández Silva Arquitectos

Architects: Hernández Silva Arquitectos
Location: Zapopan, Mexico
Year: 2012
Photos: Carlos Díaz Corona

The exceptionally unpredictable landscape, is situated in a little subdivision toward the west furthest reaches of the city. It is an exceptionally serene spot, where neighbors are sure to have a decent urban connection: lush, tranquil and free as would be prudent from autos in the city.


The owners, old companions, asked us add to an agreeable, advantageous and lovely outline, which constrained us to be extremely strict with the spaces, flow and utilitarian home proposition.


The area of the house utilized the two side limits as a part of a fan leaving the front two livelihoods in storm cellar auto found with entryways and making a stage for passerby passageway. These two limits given the type of a “boomerang” and can build the border of the house with respect to the back greenery enclosure.


The formal idea of an extensive body that looks bowed behind an effective divider that sanctuaries the house, secured in dark stone, and thus glides on an exceptionally conventional divider made of pieces of dark quarry.


The second floor appears to glide and produces a tossup which houses the guest. The conveyance of ranges is straightforward: in the carport cellar and discovered the administration, on the ground floor the day territory, which is associated with the region during the evening through an enormous crevice in wage with a solitary vertical dissemination.


After going into the house the guest is welcomed by a twofold tallness patio, where a tree 6m content that produces a peaceful environment. Behind it is the main staircase that join the three levels and retains a portion of the edges in the volumes created by “v”. The area of the area is east-west to the extent the front was set a cross section can have an association with the lush range of the rear way and gives protection while inside.


Spaces are practically absolved from dividers, living arrangement and eating together in a vast space that completely opens to the outside with windows that shroud and impart both the greenery enclosure and the porch. This porch is situated at a middle of the road point between the kitchen territory and the day however appears to reach out to the base of the greenhouse to have an immediate association with the utilization of the pool that is the end of the sale house.


Toward the west we have adjusted the solid putting so as to even sun a sensational divider accepting a lower deck on the porch, invalidating the force of the west in the second level, everything is conveyed through a solitary hallway where we locate the distinctive rooms. The family room stretches out from the section yard. The house utilizes straightforward materials, planed, white steel, enameled aluminum, overlaid dark stone of St. Andrew, quarry strip dark america, walnut wood and safety glass without manguetería first floor.


The insides of bathrooms and administration zones are covered with porcelain and Venetian. Stand some uncovered solid volumes that give more quality to the inside. We utilized polished lacquered dividers to add profundity and energy to the house and put liberal sky facing windows in different spots to keep the house lit.


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