DIY Home Projects to Improve Your Seattle Home Value

DIY Home Projects to Improve Your Seattle Home Value

When you know you want to sell your home, it can be tempting to put a lot of time and power behind projects to boost the house’s appeal. Unfortunately, while some projects generate a good ROI, others are buyer-dependent. If you add a new feature your particular interested buyer doesn’t value, they may not pay much more for the home overall. Here are some of the simplest options for DIY home projects that can help you improve your Seattle home value.

The key is to invest minimal cash and time and your maximum return using projects that are easy for non-professionals to do and don’t require you to make multi-thousand-dollar gambles that someone will find compelling when you want to sell your Seattle home

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Repainting Eclectic or Chipped Paint 

While plenty of buyers will consider bold accent walls or adding their funky wallpaper, one of the best ways to make your home an effective “blank canvas” is to repaint all walls. This will be even more effective if your home’s exterior paint is chipping or interior paint looks shabby and scuffed. Painting yourself, if you know the process, saves a lot of labor and money, but even hiring other people to paint can effectively make your home look newer and brighter, conveying lots of unconscious positives to your buyers. Another plus is that some kinds of financing, such as FHA loans, require certain things to be fixed, and chipping or flaking paint is one of those things. By fixing it proactively, you reduce the hurdles if your final buyer pays with an FHA loan.

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Replacing Deteriorating Flooring with Neutral, Durable Flooring

While you probably don’t want to spring for top-of-the-line rare hardwood flooring, there are times when just replacing some warped linoleum can give a bathroom a boost. Either new linoleum or click-together flooring can be a durable and easy-to-install addition to a space that looks shabby because of its flooring. Particularly because some buyers will request a credit due to bad floor condition anyway, this project lets you avoid having someone see the floors in their worse state in the first place and improves their overall opinion of the home, all with a project that isn’t hard to DIY in a few weekends of careful work.

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Adding Weatherstripping and Caulk to Reduce Drafts

If you sell in the winter, even a quick showing of a house can show buyers that your house is drafty. Particularly with older homes, it’s common for weatherstripping to have failed and for there to be a lot of challenges in keeping the house insulated. This can result in higher bills both on heating and cooling. A great weekend project that increases your home’s value is replacing all damaged or non-functional weatherstripping and re-caulk windows and doors so they are more airtight. While no home is entirely airtight, even plugging a few leaks can make keeping space as warm or cool as you’d like easier.

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