Hardwood flooring can take your home to a whole new level

Hardwood flooring can take your home to a whole new level


So you’re looking to have a brand new flooring placed in your home. These days people can easily buy flooring online, and there’s certainly a lot of options to choose from. For most of us, price will be a determining factor. However, good flooring will last for years, and can make or break an overall impression of your home. There are multiple factors both aesthetic and practical which makes hardwood flooring an amazing option for just about any room in your house.

Let’s jump and review some of the benefits of switching to hardwood.

Easy to clean

Keeping your hardwood clean and maintain is an easy task. A quick sweep or a mop can pick up almost anything you drop. Vacuuming the hardwood flooring for only once a week is proven an effective method in keeping dust at bay as long as you don’t have pets or playful kids that run around the house with dirty shoes.

It’s durable

Quality real wood flooring will certainly last for decades. Even having kids that can sometimes be rough on the floors, linoleum floors might crack or peel under that kind of duress. But hardwood will prove itself more than resilient. Of course, hardwood can in some cases get scratched a little, if you’re really hard on it, but even these cases are easy to fix. A little cleaning with some polyurethane coating will repair those scratches and make it a few years younger, giving you and your children’s children another day to play on it.

Adds value to your home

What if you don’t want to pass your home onto your children? Maybe you would rather sell it? Hardwood is still the perfect choice. Because it’s known for its high quality and extremely low maintenance, hardwood is very much in demand. Therefore potential buyers will pay more for a house with hardwood flooring than one covered in carpets.

In some cases, carpets can even turn some buyers off completely. Unless you got a professional steam cleaning before a showcase, your carpets will likely bear many stains that have accumulated over time. But hardwood, as we’ve seen multiple times is easy to clean and will create a better impression.

They’re environmentally friendly

For example, linoleum floors are generally made from vinyl, which is synthetic and non-biodegradable. Most carpets are using synthetic fibers as well. The production of it increases your carbon footprint, as does the eventual disposal of it.

But hardwood is all-natural. The trees that are used to make it are a renewable resource with new ones being planted to replace the used ones. And while it’s unlikely you’ll ever need to remove or replace your hardwood flooring, if you do, the wood will decompose rather than sitting in a landfill for more than a millennia. If you’re having at least a small eco buzz inside you, hardwood is the most eco-friendly choice you can go with.

Improves air quality

Carpets often trap dust, animal hair, mites and various amounts of other contaminants in its fibers. If you suffer from allergies or asthma, these contaminants then get stirred up when you walk on them, ending up in your air.

Even the grout lines and embossment between linoleum and tile floors can often trap dirt and grime. But hardwood does not. With the basic floor maintenance we reviewed earlier, hardwood floors will provide a cleaner and breathable living space not triggering your eventual asthma or allergy problems. Talk to your local flooring company to install hardwood flooring properly, such as Zelta Floor & Design if you’re in the Toronto area.

Some great examples of hardwood flooring

bedroom flooring

Picture 1.

Perfect example how hardwood breathes life inside of a bedroom.

hair or dirt polluting your living space

Picture 2.

Pets simply enjoy it! No more hair or dirt polluting your living space.

Hardwood provides a natural and organic feel to every home

Picture 3.

Hardwood provides a natural and organic feel to every home.

Creating a nice contrast and a perfect decoration is possible only with hardwood

Picture 4.

Creating a nice contrast and a perfect decoration is possible only with hardwood!

In conclusion

We’ve covered just a few of the reasons why hardwood flooring is the best decision for your home. No matter what your needs or preferences are, hardwood is your best option and will stand you in good stead for years and years to come.

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