House in La Planicie by Doblado Arquitectos

House in La Planicie by Doblado Arquitectos

Architects: Doblado Arquitectos
Location: La Planicie, La Molina, Lima, Peru
Year: 2011
Area: 2,786 sqft
Photo courtesy: Juan Solano

The house is based on a longitudinal parcel, in this manner most spaces have sees that stay away from the porches. The house has two stories, and has an aggregate territory of 258.90 m2. The primary floor is 156.25 m2 and the second floor is 102.65 m2.


The principal level has a lounge room, lounge area, kitchen, visitor lavatory, main room, main washroom and administration region. The second level has two rooms, parlor and bathrooms.


The project concentrates on two automatic openings, which thusly create three parts that demonstrate the spaces and the development framework: An administration volume of a floor.Social spaces and rooms on two stories.


A guide encompass solid proof, seen as the partition between these two ranges, making both the walled in area and the openings. The plane is a solid structure, which is regulated to distinctive circumstances of the veneer. The interior development permits two free circuits, by method for a promenade, entering through the carport (proprietor) or on the patio (visit).

House-in-La-Planicie-04-1 House-in-La-Planicie-05 House in La Planicie by Doblado Arquitectos House-in-La-Planicie-07 House-in-La-Planicie-08 House-in-La-Planicie-09 House-in-La-Planicie-10 House-in-La-Planicie-11 House-in-La-Planicie-21 House-in-La-Planicie-22 House-in-La-Planicie-23 House-in-La-Planicie-24 House-in-La-Planicie-25 House-in-La-Planicie-26 House-in-La-Planicie-27

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