Casa Atrevida by Luz de Piedra Arquitectos

Casa Atrevida by Luz de Piedra Arquitectos

Architects: Luz de Piedra Arquitectos
Location: Preciosa Beach, Puerto Jimenez, Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica
Photo courtesy: Sergio Pucci

A country estate and a study; wandered into the utilization of bamboo (Guadua), as an auxiliary material seismic tremor safe. Alluring material, from a short cycle of development, along these lines, with a littler biological foot shaped impression in this environment so rich into biodeversity matters. A rooftop greenhouse is utilized to chill off and enhance the combination to the scene from the second level.


This house is situated in Preciosa Beach, Puerto Jimenez, Osa Peninsula.


This is a recreational house, with it’s own particular carekeepers studio. It was made with Bambu(Guadua) as the auxiliary component, intended to be seismic safe. An atractive material that has a short developing cycle, in this way lessening carbon foot shaped impression in a forested range.

Casa-Atrevida-00 Casa-Atrevida-03 Casa-Atrevida-04-1 Casa-Atrevida-04 Casa-Atrevida-05 Casa-Atrevida-06-1 Casa-Atrevida-06 Casa-Atrevida-07-0 Casa-Atrevida-07-1 Casa-Atrevida-07-2 Casa-Atrevida-07 Casa-Atrevida-08-2 Casa Atrevida by Luz de Piedra Arquitectos Casa-Atrevida-10 Casa-Atrevida-11 Casa-Atrevida-12 Casa-Atrevida-13 Casa-Atrevida-14 Casa-Atrevida-15-1 Casa-Atrevida-15 Casa-Atrevida-21 Casa-Atrevida-22 Casa-Atrevida-23 Casa-Atrevida-24

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