Toys for Boys: Dream Garage for a Dream Car

Toys for Boys: Dream Garage for a Dream Car

Location: Los Angeles, California, USA
Area: 1,200 sqft

Holger Schubert’s carport was composed in view of two primary goals: to make an unadulterated and controlled moderate environment that permits one to concentrate on the auto as a bit of craftsmanship and to make a definitive ordeal for the driver to touch base at home.

Toys for Boys: Dream Garage for a Dream Car (Video)

It is situated on the upper floor of another expansion to a 1953 farm style home on a down-slanting slope parcel disregarding the western piece of Los Angeles.


Access is by means of a garage scaffold separate from the principle access to the property’s engine court. The 1,200 square foot space gives an assigned spot to the auto and an expansive open zone for a love seat, a slide-away TV, an inherent book hold before an extensive storage space, and in addition a little kitchen, a lavatory and a library.


A region of 8′ x 12′ is made of sandblasted aluminum grinding that is set flush into the solid floors. It conceals a 9′ long steel incline, which the driver raises five inches by remote control to make a slant adequate for the auto to take off and bestarted outside.


Various reasonable building items were utilized—electric screens on the extensive’s outside window dividers help control the atmosphere. 47 sun oriented boards on the rooftop create more than the family’s vitality utilization. The upper floor is warmed only by means of brilliant warming set into the solid floors. The 25′ long bookshelf divider is clad with boat lapped segments of homasote, a 100% cellulose fiber board ordinarily utilized for sound protection.


Furthermore, all inside and outside dividers are protected with characteristic cotton fiber protection. Driven strip lights covered up in the recessed roof keep running along the whole parameter of the room and are complimented by 12 flush mounted up-lights in the floor. A 24′ long aluminum box compasses over the huge bay window and houses various low voltage spotlights. Dream-Garage-for-a-Dream-Car-06

The exhibition like environment generalizes the auto amid the day and significantly extends its shapes onto both window dividers around evening time—making a tribute to the specialty of car.


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