Genesee Townhomes by Elemental Architecture

Genesee Townhomes by Elemental Architecture

Architects: Elemental Architecture
Location: Seattle, Washington, USA
Photo courtesy: Dale Tu

Essential Architecture configuration group has as of late completed the Genesee Townhomes task situated in Seattle, Washington. The whole development brandishes a square shaped look all things considered. Its outside resembles a few boxes all assembled into one. Its insides offer a moderate and straightforward configuration. Its wooden components additionally offer a hearty general configuration component.

Genesee-Townhomes-01 Genesee-Townhomes-02 Genesee-Townhomes-03 Genesee-Townhomes-04 Genesee-Townhomes-05 Genesee-Townhomes-06 Genesee-Townhomes-07 Genesee-Townhomes-08 Genesee-Townhomes-09 Genesee-Townhomes-10 Genesee-Townhomes-11 Genesee-Townhomes-12 Genesee-Townhomes-13 Genesee-Townhomes-14 Genesee-Townhomes-15 Genesee-Townhomes-16 Genesee-Townhomes-17 Genesee-Townhomes-18 Genesee-Townhomes-19 Genesee-Townhomes-20

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