X11 Residence by Spagnuolo Architecture

X11 Residence by Spagnuolo Architecture

Architects: Spagnuolo Architecture
Location: Alphaville, Londrina, Brazil
Year: 2014
Area: 280 sqm
Photo courtesy: R R Rufino

The beginning stage of this work situated in Londrina Brazil, was the usage of the living arrangement “L” investigating the sun based introduction, making a yard that coordinates social and private regions and qualities ​​the complicity between the inward and outside situations.


Inside furniture dividers make adaptability and spatial joining, Natural lighting is ensured by expansive coated boards and zenithal openings. Rotating six feet tall entryways are a welcome to thought the pool and garden.


The structures bear extensive compasses supporting the scope and appear to glide in the scene, sliding wood boards control the section of light. The venture investigates surfaces of crude materials, for example, stone, wood and concrete and making a warm and contemporary mood.

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