H2 Residence by 314 Architecture Studio

H2 Residence by 314 Architecture Studio

Architects: 314 Architecture Studio
Location: Athens, Greece
Area: 750 sqm
Photos: courtesy of 314 Architecture Studio

This building is situated at suburbia of Athens in the region alongside the golf court in Glyfada, and comprises of three one story condo of 250m2 each. Every loft has two little and one main room. Inside the building there is a chamber that gives light to optional zones of the condo while likewise functioning as a channel exit for warm air vitality utilization in the late spring months.

H2-Residence-11The bioclimatic configuration and the situating of the building with shades in the south spares vitality while the association between the building and water makes a characteristic cooling framework. The houses are all outfitted with the most natural cordial innovations for vitality sparing. Every one of the materials utilized for this development where picked with a low carbon foot shaped impression and the inside materials utilized are all common as opposed to mechanical.


The hues and materials for this building where picked so as to make a sense/sentiment agreement, advancement and extravagance while the models of Gianni Asprason the dividers of the lounge rooms make unique and present day warm feelings.


To whole up this venture, the rooftop gardens with the glass stairwell, offer a boundless perspective of Argosaronic Sea while the swimming pool easily encompassing the building and the little lake on the ground floor make an exceptionally serene and cooling feeling consistently.


H2-Residence-04-1 H2-Residence-04 H2-Residence-05 H2-Residence-06 H2-Residence-07 H2-Residence-08 H2-Residence-09 H2-Residence-10 H2-Residence-12 H2-Residence-13 H2-Residence-14 H2-Residence-21 H2-Residence-22 H2-Residence-23

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