Openhouse by XTEN Architecture featured in Spread movie

Openhouse by XTEN Achitecture

Architects: XTEN Achitecture
Location: Los Angeles, California, USA
Year: 2009
Area: 4,500 sqft
Photos: Art Gray
Featured in the movie Spread 2009 acting Ashton KutcherAnne HecheMargarita Levieva

The Openhouse is installed into a restricted and pointedly inclining property in the Hollywood Hills, a testing site that prompted the making of a house that is both incorporated into the scene and open to the city underneath. Holding dividers are arranged to broaden the first floor living level into the slope and to make gardens on two levels.

Openhouse-19The front, side and back heights of the house slide open to delete all limits in the middle of inside and out, interfacing the spaces to cultivates on both levels. Glass in different interpretations, is the essential divider walled in area material. There are forty-four sliding glass boards, every seven feet wide by ten feet high and designed to vanish into concealed pockets and take into account continuous perspectives and access to outside patios and greenery enclosures.


There are additionally altered glass dividers, mirror glass dividers and light dark specular glass boards which loan daintiness to the inside spaces. The glass dividers are outwardly counterweighted by sculptural, strong components in the house rendered in stone, dull recolored oak, tinted cement and mortar.


The utilization of cut rock flooring all through the house, decks and porches proceeds with the indoor-open air materiality, which is intensified when the glass dividers slide away. The building completions are few in number yet connected in an assortment of courses all through the venture, facilitating the experience of ceaseless open spaces from inside to outside.

Openhouse-02Openhouse-04 Openhouse-05 Openhouse-07 Openhouse-09 Openhouse-10 Openhouse-11 Openhouse-12 Openhouse-13 Openhouse-14 Openhouse-15 Openhouse-18 Openhouse-21 Openhouse-22 Openhouse-23 Openhouse-24 Openhouse-25 Openhouse-26 Openhouse-27 Openhouse-28

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