Stunning Naman Retreat Resort by Vo Trong Nghia Architects

Stunning Naman Retreat Resort by Vo Trong Nghia Architects

Architects: Vo Trong Nghia Architects
Location: Da Nang, Vietnam
Year: 2015
Photo courtesy: Hiroyuki Oki

The Resort idea of Naman Retreat is giving physical and mental treatment to the long stay visitors by the nature neighborly environment and sound exercises, for example, spa, yoga, shoreline games et cetera. To accomplish a flawless climate that empowers the visitors a greatest body and brain refinement and unwinding, the resort was composed by congruous blend of greenery, regular stone and bamboo.


In a range of three hectare, the configuration mission is to fit eighty lodges, an inn, six VIP manors and other twenty estates. Two streets begin from the passageway to the ocean side altogether associating each administration ranges and bringing new and thoughtful breath of ocean breeze to the inner space. Trees are planted along the streets, particularly, bamboos are framed into shut shades, similar to a thick drape isolating private segment and in this way, serving a valuable time for visitors when staying here. Focal space is given need with a bigger zone with open spaces, fundamentally made from bamboos worked as Lobby, Restaurants, Bar.


VIP shoreline estates, situated in the front toward the ocean side, were arranged in an exceptional way. Every shoreline estate is secured with a constantly undulating green rooftop and bamboo textured divider, which energizes a through perspective of the whole territory coordinated to the ocean without being confined, after the nature and visitors’ motivation. Lodging building named Babylon is the tallest building – every one of the three stories are outlined with louvers covering the exterior – a model of twofold skin layer, including accessible spaces for interweaved greening, framing an outright green part, which emerges of the remaining structures. Lodge groups were easily and shrewdly consolidated with four different structures, making a Swastikas shape in a restricted square plot with twenty one meter long for every side. All these four houses have a typical yard, whilst joined by a specific patio and a pool for each. Subsequently, around thirty percent of the all homes are rotated by two-story lodges, making a general perspective as swaying houses in the old quarters.


The focal offices, for example, Hay Restaurant, Beach bar and meeting Hall was planned with bamboo structure to furnish spatial involvement with unwind climate which cerebrates stay in the resort.

Stunning-Naman-Retreat-Resort-by-Vo-Trong-Nghia-Architects-04 Stunning-Naman-Retreat-Resort-by-Vo-Trong-Nghia-Architects-05 Stunning-Naman-Retreat-Resort-by-Vo-Trong-Nghia-Architects-06 Stunning-Naman-Retreat-Resort-by-Vo-Trong-Nghia-Architects-07 Stunning-Naman-Retreat-Resort-by-Vo-Trong-Nghia-Architects-08 Stunning-Naman-Retreat-Resort-by-Vo-Trong-Nghia-Architects-09 Stunning-Naman-Retreat-Resort-by-Vo-Trong-Nghia-Architects-10 Stunning-Naman-Retreat-Resort-by-Vo-Trong-Nghia-Architects-11 Stunning-Naman-Retreat-Resort-by-Vo-Trong-Nghia-Architects-12 Stunning-Naman-Retreat-Resort-by-Vo-Trong-Nghia-Architects-13 Stunning-Naman-Retreat-Resort-by-Vo-Trong-Nghia-Architects-14 Stunning-Naman-Retreat-Resort-by-Vo-Trong-Nghia-Architects-15 Stunning-Naman-Retreat-Resort-by-Vo-Trong-Nghia-Architects-16 Stunning-Naman-Retreat-Resort-by-Vo-Trong-Nghia-Architects-17 Stunning-Naman-Retreat-Resort-by-Vo-Trong-Nghia-Architects-18 Stunning-Naman-Retreat-Resort-by-Vo-Trong-Nghia-Architects-19 Stunning-Naman-Retreat-Resort-by-Vo-Trong-Nghia-Architects-20 Stunning-Naman-Retreat-Resort-by-Vo-Trong-Nghia-Architects-21 Stunning-Naman-Retreat-Resort-by-Vo-Trong-Nghia-Architects-22 Stunning-Naman-Retreat-Resort-by-Vo-Trong-Nghia-Architects-23 Stunning-Naman-Retreat-Resort-by-Vo-Trong-Nghia-Architects-24 Stunning-Naman-Retreat-Resort-by-Vo-Trong-Nghia-Architects-25 Stunning-Naman-Retreat-Resort-by-Vo-Trong-Nghia-Architects-26 Stunning-Naman-Retreat-Resort-by-Vo-Trong-Nghia-Architects-27

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