White Apartment by Next Level Studio

White Apartment by Next Level Studio

Architects: Next Level Studio
Location: Uherske Hradiste, Czech Republic
Year: 2012
Area: 807 sqft
Photo courtesy: Next Level Studio

Over three years lasting reconstruction of the 3+1 apartment in Uherske Hradiste appealed an endless process of thoughts and construction operations, which finally filled the visions. Every line on a sketch, every statement in a computer programme, as well as every single building block, was considered as crucial everything influencing steps. The most difficult task for an architect – is designing for himself. How to recognize reserves in the design, how to set the limits behind which he doesn’t need to go though the possibilities are finally almost limitless?


The design was treated as the opportunity to try out certain procedures, materials and technologies. I am interested in monochrome space, where light can be experimented. White itself has many shades, tones, and valeurs. During the day, the Sun warms the interior with light of 2000 – 3500K. While the artificial evening light set on 4200K, cools the space. Artificial light casts varied shadows, highlights different elements and the interior transmutes. Colour RGB LED strips; hidden in the niches of the furniture, enable dynamic coloration of the space. They can “paint” the space in accordance with the current wishes.


Flat, in the original condition of the 70 years, was almost completely pulled down and cleaned. The intention was to create a continuous unbroken and open space, which would increase the space both optically and physically. Door frames and thresholds were removed; vertical openings enlarged in height, parquets were over spilled with unifying polyurethane backfilling. The front door was shifted so that the input space was hit by the mass of shower bath and storage compartment. Brick wall separating the living room from the rest of the flat was replaced by a sliding wall of 2.7 m in length.


That wall primarily serves as a door to the study room; however it mostly remains parked in the kitchen. The rails under passing the transverse girders are covered with gypsum plasterboard (GPB). To create the desired plane between girders the bearing steel “C” sections were hung, and the inner space in them was used as a side light niche. By physical interconnection between the “entrance hall” and the living room the space was significantly increased, though enabling its closure if wished.


Newly created cleaned space was left in a white matt paint, including the flooring. Any new interventions embedded or free-standing furniture were left in high gloss. Besides the light an important role plays here the relationship between matte and glossy surfaces, but also a subtle contrast of structured and smooth areas, as an important means of expression.


Insertion of a classic seat suite in the narrow living room would greatly straiten the passage and was therefore made-to-measure the space, together with the coffee table. A light object levitates above the desk and focuses its white rays onto the graphics, also designed particularly for this space. If there is necessary an insertion of a larger dining table, the seat suite moves aside closer to the window. Sliding luminaire reflects that shift, so that it continues in levitation above the conference table, as its accompanying echo. Furniture TV wall integrates a sliding door to the bedroom.


Location of the built-in wardrobe was selected into the weather-exposed corner of the house, where it forms a thermal impact zone. Bed conceals an ample storage space with the aid of three draw out parts on the sides. The study room is most rationally elaborated one with the emphasis on horizontal lines that optically prolong the room. The library can be divided by thirds.

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