How To Maximise Space in a Studio Apartment

How To Maximise Space in a Studio Apartment


If you are a city-dweller, then studio living might very well be the choice for you. Affordable, stylish and easy to clean, a small studio apartment can be a great place to live if you are alone or part of a couple.

Despite the benefits of living in a studio apartment, there is commonly one issue – space! Often combining your sleeping area with your living area, a studio can be limited on places to store your possessions, especially if you own a lot of things.

Here we look at 5 ways that you can maximise the space available to you in your apartment…

De-clutter Often

Ever since Marie Kondo introduced her KonMari Method of organising and tidying up, the whole world has gone crazy for minimal living and a de-cluttered approach to life. Marie’s rules of tidying by category and imagining an ideal lifestyle are helpful techniques to get you started.

We would recommend a seasonal de-clutter to be the best option, so put a series of dates in your annual calendar – one spring, one summer, one autumn and one winter – so that you make time to clear out your things and re-assess whether you still need them in your life.

Create Hidden Storage

Creating hidden storage can be fun and inventive once you start to think creatively. If you have a loft studio, with stairs up to bed, then check to see if there is any room under the stairs for a small cupboard or a few drawers?

Staircase storage solutions can be great for placing shoes, sports equipment or even pet beds (if you have a pet) and can also add to the overall character of your studio.

Aim High

If floorspace is an issue in your abode, then look up for new solutions. Tall ceilings offer opportunities for tall bookshelves and floating shelves that can be used to host a wide range of items, from books to office equipment, plants, candles and crockery.

For those struggling for wardrobe space, a quirky alternative might be to design and create an industrial-style wardrobe pulley system using either galvanised piping or strong rope. Not only would this provide ample storage space for your everyday essentials, but it might look cool too.

Use Bedside Space

Unless you have decided to opt for an over-sized Super King bed in your studio, chances are there should be some space either side for some personal items. Brands such as Cox & Cox have a wide range of bedside tables available in different heights, shapes, widths and finishes, so you can match to the rest of your interior.

Bedside tables are ideal for storing smaller items including books, reading glasses, perfume, underwear and jewellery.

Rotate Seasonal Clothing

Although the UK climate is widely unpredictable, we can generally rely on the seasons to advise us on what to wear. What you opt to wear in January will most likely be very different to what you choose in August, therefore, make space for seasonal items and put the rest into storage.

Storage beds are a great idea for studio residences as they have ample storage space for out-of-season boots, coats and jumpers – all neatly hidden below your mattress. Alternatively, ottomans and storage chests can look trendy at the end of the bed or underneath your TV, while playing home to unused clothing and accessories.

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