Villa Freundorf by Project A01 Architects

Villa Freundorf by Project A01 Architects

Architects: Project A01 Architects
Location: Vienna, Austria
Year: 2010
Area: 356 sqm
Photo courtesy: Brigida Gonzalez

On an uncovered slope, the plot is situated as a lone component. The huge greenery enclosure converges into the encompassing fields. The principle body of the building comprises of two counterbalance components anticipating over the slant toward the north and south. A high and open space is created between the components as an aftereffect of their flat development, framing the passageway and focal opening.


The building, parallel to the road, comprises of a storm cellar, ground floor and first floor. The front patio offers direct access to the greenhouse zone and pool. In the south-bound building is the youngsters and visitor region. North of the cantilever structure is the main room with a porch at the front.


The primary development of the lower range is composed as a fortified solid development. The floor structure lays on sections and is fortified with a steel casing structure.


The exteriors of the fundamental structure of the building are preassembled with floor to roof glass. The unmistakable outside dividers of the base are halfway secured with Portuguese limestone. The rooftop is planned as a rooftop film, the projecting range in the north covers the passage zone.


Inside overwhelm light hues and quality materials. The chimney with a solid square highlight the open family room. The open staircase functions as a two-level outline and in this way join all regions of the house. On the first floor is a 40m2 spa with jacuzzi and changing area, consolidating these two capacities and offering a fabulous perspective.

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