Apartment on Leninskiy Avenue by ITHAKA – Architecture and Design

Apartment on Leninskiy Avenue by ITHAKA – Architecture and Design

Location: Moscow, Russia
Photo courtesy: ITHAKA – Architecture and Design

The main concept was a rational approach to the use of expensive housing in Moscow. The future residents chose a minimalistic interior with open space instead of separated living and dining rooms and predominant white color for the walls. The use of organic materials such as travertine of milky color and American walnut wood of chocolate shade ensure an elegant, yet welcoming feel throughout.


A very light appearance was achieved by limiting the number of storage units to just a few elements ranking high in aesthetics and functionality. The designers enhanced the space with furniture purchased from Flexform, Cattelan Italia, Poliform and lighting objects by European producers Artemide and XAL. The focal point of the apartment is a large aquarium employed as a partition between the hallway and social zone.


Units of German premium manufacturer in kitchen sector “Allmilmö” is used in the apartment.

Apartment-on-Leninskiy-Avenue-03 Apartment-on-Leninskiy-Avenue-04 Apartment-on-Leninskiy-Avenue-05 Apartment-on-Leninskiy-Avenue-06 Apartment-on-Leninskiy-Avenue-07 Apartment-on-Leninskiy-Avenue-08 Apartment-on-Leninskiy-Avenue-09 Apartment-on-Leninskiy-Avenue-10 Apartment-on-Leninskiy-Avenue-11 Apartment-on-Leninskiy-Avenue-12 Apartment-on-Leninskiy-Avenue-13 Apartment-on-Leninskiy-Avenue-14 Apartment-on-Leninskiy-Avenue-15 Apartment-on-Leninskiy-Avenue-16 Apartment-on-Leninskiy-Avenue-17 Apartment-on-Leninskiy-Avenue-18 Apartment-on-Leninskiy-Avenue-19

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