How to Create a Blissful Spa in Your Hotel

How to Create a Blissful Spa in Your Hotel

When done right, a spa experience can be wonderful. This isn’t an easy feat to achieve as everything must be just right; your customers should immediately feel relaxed, comfortable and at ease in an environment where they can forget about the stresses of everyday life.

With the notion of wellness currently in the spotlight, adding a spa to your hotel can be a lucrative move for a business-owner. It offers the perfect opportunity for your guests to treat themselves as they’re already away from home and ready for relaxation.

Let’s look at some of the things you should consider to create the best spa and wellness facility in your hotel.

Create a Zen Environment

A relaxing and comforting environment is everything when it comes to a spa. You want every worry and stress to leave your guest’s body and mind as soon as they arrive. But how?

The colour of your treatment rooms could make a big difference. For example a white room can feel sterile and clinical, which is certain to make guests feel uneasy. Instead, inject some personality into the rooms and don’t be scared to opt for bright colours. Psychological studies have shown that colours can affect a person’s mood, so it’s best to select colours that promote serenity and calmness. These include blues and greens, particularly deep shades like navy and forest green.

The fragrances you choose can also help to create a calming environment. For example, lavender and vanilla are known to be relaxing scents and valerian is said to reduce anxiety and stress.

Offer a Five-Star Service

For your hotel spa to stay ahead of the competition, you should keep up to date with new beauty trends and treatments. This means regular training for your staff to make sure your standards are the highest they can be and that you provide a five-star service at all times.

Don’t overlook the little touches that can make a spa experience truly special. Provide fresh drinking water to keep your guests hydrated and secure lockers for them to store their belongings. Also, make sure everything is professional and branded with your spa logo, including additional items like slippers, robes, towels for your guests. Buy the best quality from a leading brand like Mitre Linen as you can be confident that they’ll stay like-new for longer and your guests will feel the soft cotton and immediately know they’re in good hands.

Using Brands You Love

Finally, one of the best ways to provide a blissful spa experience in your hotel is by using products and brands that you’ve tried and tested. It’s no good choosing something just because it’s the most popular – your therapists need to believe in the beauty products they use and be able to talk about the benefits to the spa’s guests.

Consider using local beauty brands to strengthen your identity and think about where the products have come from, too. More and more consumers are looking for vegan and cruelty-free products and are likely to pay more for ethical brands. What’s more, it strengthens your reputation as it shows your company commitment to the environment, as well as your support for local businesses.

If you’re thinking about opening a spa in your hotel, make sure you consider the entire customer experience. To make your guests feel at ease, every detail must work holistically to create a harmonious, relaxing and blissful experience that people will want to return to time and time again.

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