45 Faber park by Ong & Ong

45 Faber park by Ong & Ong Pte Ltd

Architects: Ong & Ong Pte Ltd
Location: Singapore
Area: 592 sqm
Year: 2009
Photos: Derek Swalwell, Tim Nolan

The clients for this Project are a couple with three youthful youngsters, – an arrangement of twins and a more youthful kid, all under 10. Their principle point was to amplify outside space whilst not trading off living regions. It was in this manner fundamental that there would be adequate space for the kids to play outside and also inside.

1281367015-01-derek-swalwellThe need of making an open living space with an immediate relationship to a vast outside space turned into a main impetus in the plan. The general idea, got from the customers’ prerequisites, was to make a living space open to the outside in a spotless contemporary stylish. The building would need to permit smooth motion between every space inside and execute as a feasible instrument.


So as to expand space, the thought of pushing the mass of the building into the edge of the plot was created. The idea of characterizing the room regions and action spaces as isolated components took into account the last plan to be come to. From the outside, every component shows up as a different element, however inside these have an in number association with one another.


The second story of the house, speaking to a more private zone, is cantilevered over the garage. The cantilever gives the passage to the house an encased, ensured feel. The material utilized here is a compound of titanium and zinc which gives this rectangular volume a dull matt completion. The outside materials, picked in unpretentious tones, characterize and mirror the more personal space of the house.


The plan of spaces on the second floor is a practical reaction to the needs of the occupants. In light of this, the spaces made were reflective and centered around security. Keeping in mind the end goal to make charming resting territories the tallness of the roofs was set lower contrasted with the roofs in the social zones. Driving from the calm family room upstairs is a green rooftop which gives extra open air space. It is outfitted with a BBQ pit that neglects the pool underneath. This space speaks to a perfect stimulating region or a thought garden.


All social movement ranges of the house are obliged on the first floor. There is clear availability between all principle social zones of the house. The sliding, adaptable entryways open specifically onto the lower greenhouse. At the point when slid once again into the dividers, the patio nursery space is made one with the social space. The progression of the house is liquid and functions admirably with the remotely clad travertine. The vast coated plane, uncovering the space, stresses the reasonable differentiation between the private and social zones of the house.


The organization of white dividers, in-situ cement and teak deck propose differing qualities inside of every space – the way an open arrangement home ought to be. The social space opens to the lower greenhouse while uniting with it. Like this, liquid availability between spaces in the family rooms upstairs is proficient by coated entryways which can be slid back and covered up. After entering the home the unbroken terrazzo ground surface underlines the congruity of space on this first floor.


At the point when going into the house, ones consideration is quickly attracted to the sculptural staircase. Its natural structure appears differently in relation to the unbending nature of the two principle components of the house. The staircase goes about as the pivot sticking the two opposite principle components of the house together. It is the stay purpose of the house which is likewise the vertical course. Notwithstanding, the house was composed with youngsters running here and there and through at the top of the priority list so the sculptural outline of the stairs was intended to verbalize the expected development through the space.


The territory of the site has worked profitably for the plan. A slight slope toward the back gives space for a void. This void permits light to infiltrate the storm cellar space. The storm cellar space speaks to the third component of the house. In any case, not at all like alternate components it is not able to utilize an outer design dialect to mirror the exercises occurring inside. The general view of a storm cellar is that it is by and large not utilized as a social space yet rather as or just as capacity. For this house, an intentional move was made to challenge this recognition – the space is sufficiently bright with different recreational space inside.


The storm cellar is normally lit from both sides. One of the light sources is the void garden, the other a window which investigates the swimming pool. This window is the same width as the pool and makes a flawless atmosphere in this parlor space which is outfitted with a bar and a pool table. Moreover, a normally lit study and silver screen room are suited in the storm cellar. The storm cellar space is vertically joined with the social spaces of the house and serves as a more personal augmentation to the social space above.


From the earliest starting point, the house was composed as a practical plan. The introduction of the house was deliberately situated to permit the overall wind to cross ventilate the social spaces. The expansive opening all through the house supports regular light and ventilation inside of the house. Certain key materials were decided to deal with the earth of the house. The high warm mass characteristics of in-situ cement and terrazzo cool the house.


Additionally the regular teak utilized, has little natural ramifications – it is purchased from a nearby source, minimizing transport cost. Moreover, the wood was treated with a water-based additive innocuous to nature. Sky facing windows are deliberately put to empower characteristic ventilation. Three different bay windows light the inner stairway to the storm cellar and guarantee all parts of the house are sufficiently bright. The windows of the upper private territory were recessed to give sun shading, decreasing the sun based addition got by the windows. By utilizing this strategy the sun based increase is lessened by up to 40%. Each economical measure lessens the need of non-renewable vitality assets to cool or to light the house.


Certain local plants were decided to give open air shading along the pool zone furthermore furnish the plot with extra security. The local species put the plan in connection – soil interruption is kept to a base.


General the plan is an expressive bit of structural planning reacting to the needs of a youthful crew. With requirements of constrained green space in Singapore, this configuration finds an answer which streamlines indoor and outside space whilst underlining the relationship between the two.

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