Bologna Attic Apartment by MAMA

Bologna Attic Apartment by MAMA

Architects: MAMA
Location: Bologna, Italy
Year: 2015
Area: 1,399 sqft / 130 sqm
Photo courtesy: MAMA

The proposed task accommodates the section into a wide opena space of around 60 square meters in which you put a case of painted corrosive green that houses an utility room. This component is the turn around qaule wheel all through the living region and permits the end of the kitchen territory with sliding segments than whatever remains of nature.


The living region is partitioned into an eating zone, inclining towards the kitchen territory and couch zone can be isolated from the kitchen to method for sliding confounds that permit the detachment of the situations. From the couch region through a slice to-roof honed in the workmanship, it prompts the study, the territory of expansive dimansioni. A foyer likewise gives access to the restroom with tub and stone work to a twofold room visitors. The washroom is ventilated and normally lit through a ventilation stack that, coming in ccopertura, with the assistance of a sky facing window permits common light and ventilation compartment .


On the third floor/storage room is gotten to by means of the staircase that from ca ” open-space offers access to the space. The space is ensured association with caamera expert and to its bordering restroom. An entryway offers access to a patio in groundwater from qaule prompts an upper room for capacity use. On the divider between the restroom and the main room opens a settled coating at the shower that associate the two situations and visual It permits a more prominent measure of light inside the room. Mixing situations room and a washroom roof that houses the aerating and cooling and a throat illuminated on the back mass of the rooms.


All the furniture has been uniquely crafted ​​and outlined by MAMA.

Bologna-Attic-Apartment-by-MAMA-04 Bologna-Attic-Apartment-by-MAMA-05 Bologna-Attic-Apartment-by-MAMA-06 Bologna-Attic-Apartment-by-MAMA-07 Bologna-Attic-Apartment-by-MAMA-08 Bologna-Attic-Apartment-by-MAMA-09 Bologna-Attic-Apartment-by-MAMA-10 Bologna-Attic-Apartment-by-MAMA-11 Bologna-Attic-Apartment-by-MAMA-12 Bologna-Attic-Apartment-by-MAMA-13 Bologna-Attic-Apartment-by-MAMA-14 Bologna-Attic-Apartment-by-MAMA-15 Bologna-Attic-Apartment-by-MAMA-16 Bologna-Attic-Apartment-by-MAMA-17 Bologna-Attic-Apartment-by-MAMA-18

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