Toorak Residence by Robson Rak Architects

Toorak Residence by Robson Rak Architects

Architects: Robson Rak Architects
Location: Toorak, Melbourne, VictoriaAustralia
Year: 2014
Photo courtesy: Sharyn Cairns

Robson Rak were in charge of the inside configuration and enhancement, which included delicate decorations, craftsmanship, and scene outline of the Toorak house. We were honored with a building that had more than sufficient bones and the main auxiliary changes required were to the kitchen and clothing territory.


Our customer was exceptionally enthusiastic around a bespoke mentality to the whole remodel and was conferred and trusting of Robson Rak’s customized administration.


The brief was to modernize a drained inside and outside of a substantial c1934 family house in Toorak into a light filled, lively, spotless, excellent contemporary home for an occupied group of four. A bespoke and restricted state of mind to all that we considered for the house was firmly supported.


To meet our customer’s brief, Robson Rak composed and manufactured a significant part of the furniture and decorations which additionally incorporated an extensive divider model in the parlor by Chris Rak; who’s experience in figure takes into consideration this multi-stickler approach for which Robson Rak is prestigious.


The ground floor is for the most part offered over to living spaces. An open-arrangement kitchen, feasting and living region with bi-fold entryways open onto an expansive patio, uncovering a liberal outside engrossing range encircled by a huge ‘Sugar Gum’ timber pergola. This has been outlined with an area of braces near the house that go about as overhang in summer to keep the sun under control. In winter the lower sun streams into the house under the braces and the entire living and kitchen territory is showered in northern light for the duration of the day.


A palette of hues and materials in the kitchen (containing Stone Italiana ‘Jaupur Olive’ benchtops, Dulux ‘Funnel Clay’ joinery) were complimented and connection the outside components of the greenery enclosure and fresh white pool. The extensive focal island seat is a spot for the family to meet up in an easygoing sense, furthermore cook for the family who adoration to engross.


The feasting and living spaces are connected by method for a present day bluestone flame encompass and dado, with a persistent coasting seat in the same material making a straight association.


The passage was intended to be as extravagant as an inn hall, persuasive and utilitarian with the bespoke Robson Rak outlined geometric floor covering, credenza, and pendant light.


The formal eating/lounge rooms were kept in their unique state, however modernized with the Robson Rak bespoke chimney mirror, furniture, and new American oak floorboards.


The main floor rooms and bathrooms were planned with sumptuous materials, for example, Elba marble vanities and timber joinery and extravagant woolen rug to accomplish a sentiment calm asylum and extravagance.


Robson Rak Architects are focused on altogether considered insides that consolidate a component of the bespoke and amazement. The Toorak house talks the voice of the family for whom we outlined, while making a supportable house with life span of style. To this we are submitted.

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