Secret Apartment in Kiev by Sergey Makhno

Secret Apartment in Kiev by Sergey Makhno

Architects: Sergey Makhno
Location: Kiev, Ukraine
Year: 2013
Area: 538 sqft / 50 sqm
Photo courtesy: Sergey Makhno

So as to make an adequate living space on fifty square meters, Sergey Makhno’s workshop built up an idea of “Room with a vast storage room”. Like segments of a wardrobe, taken cover behind the sliding entryways are spaces, found consistently. Beginning with the visitors’ storage room closer to the front entryway, trailed by a washroom, then by a library, then by a wardrobe, lastly by a room with a petite box bed.


Just when the entryway segment is open it demonstrates the profundity of the parlor. Exactly, the family room is the fundamental focus of the loft. This open and free streaming space unites home theater space with the kitchen and dinning zone, while the kitchen island capacities as a dinning table.


Vivid, secluded couch Roche Bobois is the mark component in the focal point of the piece. Around it was made the whatever is left of the inside. In this way, dividers turned profound purple, supplementing an overwhelming orange couch.


In the eating region, orange dinning seats by Constantine Grchika for Magis, painted an important tone, foundation orange accents.


Separated structure the shading plan, material surfaces convey uniqueness to this inside. Gleaming surfaces of white furniture, custom form taking after Segey Makhno’s portrayals, and huge dark marble in the restroom and kitchen build up complexity between regular wooden parquet, gypsum divider framing and kitchen island’s wooden table top. Straight and smooth surfaces substitute with textured 3d boards by Sergey Makhno. Outline lighting in blend with attentive one finishes the idea made for this flat.


Little zone with a significant substance, verging on like an adornments box. With a mystery.

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