Minimalist Black and White Anjos Loft by João Tiago Aguiar

Minimalist Black and White Anjos Loft by João Tiago Aguiar

Architects: João Tiago Aguiar
Location: Lisbon, Portugal
Year: 2015
Photo courtesy: Fernando Guerra | FG+SG

The current space used to be a little surrendered lighting items manufacturing plant confronting within an extremely excluded piece in the area of Anjos, Lisbon. The inside was created by two naves, one of which with 2 stories and the other with a mezzanine floor and a twofold stature roof range.


The procurement of the space by a film chief and a picture taker had the supposition of changing the site into a position of aesthetic creation, show and interim living arrangement. The morphology of the space demonstrated perfect qualities for its expected use since it was an open space with no segment dividers.


The semi-storm cellar like area implies that the main openings to the outside are the two noteworthy existing concertina entryways in iron. In any case, at the first floor level, there are two low windows over these doors, through which a diagonal light enters. The intercession made a working region on the left nave and a more private territory, of private nature, on the right nave.


Near the right mass of the Loft, another steel staircase offering access to the mezzanine was planned and in its augmentation a kitchen open to the entire space.


On the ground-floor, two bathrooms were likewise made, one to backing the parlor and another to backing the carport/display territories. In the carport, the current stairs are recuperated, exploiting the space underneath for capacity.


On the first floor a sound studio is introduced in the working territory, and a complete lavatory on the mezzanine. These two new compartments, have a translucent glass divider every, hence permitting the entry of light. A velvet blind isolates the dozing room from whatever is left of the region.


Concerning materials, it was proposed to recuperate the first properties of the modern environment, with the fundamental adjustments all together not to trade off the solace of living. The current put dividers, aftereffect of different mediations which the space has experienced throughout the years, were picked deep down with a specific end goal to uncover the strong block or stone that constitutes it and painted white a while later.


On the floor, the screed was revamped, complimented and varnished. The iron components, for example, balustrades, stairs, entryways, tensioners (structure) and the new chimney were embraced and recuperated, painted in dark or white, hence recovering its significant part in the space.

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