Campanella House by Campanella Arquitetura

Campanella House by Campanella Arquitetura

Architects: Campanella Arquitetura
Location: São Sebastião, Brazil
Year: 2012
Photo courtesy: Nelson Kon

The Campanella’s home, situated at Morada Garoupas townhouse on the shoreline of Toque Pequeno (São Sebastião), can join effortlessness and solace in spaces dependably brilliantly lit through substantial glass sheets. Doing the work with its own particular group of specialists, Janaina and Wendel Campanella – creators of the undertaking and proprietors of the house – calmly dealt with the development, which includes, for instance, a few story moves.


On the off chance that the front perspective of the house resembles a solitary piece partitioned just vertically between a withdrew ground body with white and smooth dividers and an abdominal area that swings over the patio of access made of dim dividers with put thick mass, by the back perspective rather, the house opens into two unique bodies upstairs fit as a fiddle of “L”, as they vanish in glass planes that slide on the ground floor.


Inside, the expansive front room air on the ground floor expands vertically in regions of twofold roof statures on one side and the other, empowering the space. The Portuguese mosaic floor (white on inward ranges and chestnut all things considered) insinuates the vicinity of the close-by shoreline there, as though bringing it into the house and stretching out it to the pool. As a counterpoint, the sun defender board of the front veneer, made with pre-assembled solid squares, bobs off the natural way of pebbled floor with a tedious geometric example, albeit unpredictable. An example that comments the cubic geometry of the own volume of the house.


At the back divider an overflowing vegetation shuts the ground with a sort of green sheet, which reaches out on the grass floor planted there.

Campanella-House-by-Campanella-Arquitetura-04 Campanella-House-by-Campanella-Arquitetura-05 Campanella-House-by-Campanella-Arquitetura-06 Campanella-House-by-Campanella-Arquitetura-07 Campanella-House-by-Campanella-Arquitetura-08 Campanella-House-by-Campanella-Arquitetura-09 Campanella-House-by-Campanella-Arquitetura-10 Campanella-House-by-Campanella-Arquitetura-11 Campanella-House-by-Campanella-Arquitetura-12

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