A Colorful Apartment in Belo Horizonte for an art collector and lover of strong colors designed by 2arquitetos

A Colourful Apartment in Belo Horizonte for an art collector and lover of strong colours designed by 2arquitetos

Architects: 2arquitetos
Location: Belo Horizonte, Brazil
Year: 2015
Photo courtesy: Daniel Mansur

“Designed by 2arquitetos (2arquitetos.arq.br), an architectural office managed by Celeno Ivanovo and Luiz Henrique Ribeiro, for an art collector and lover of strong colours, this apartment was completely modified during the construction of this building in order to contemplate her necessities and characteristics. The built-in kitchen and pretty wide rooms, where can be showed her art collection, are some examples.


The first impact can be noticed at the elevator’s hall, where a colossal pivoted door divides the hall from the wide living room. Being composed by three sheets, with 1,5 meters (49 feet) each, this pivoted door was designed exclusively for this apartment.


The inspiration comes from the “Marquesa” bench, signed by Oscar Niemeyer, made of rosewood and natural straw. The door follows the materials and colors of the marquesa, and was made in demolition rosewood and the same straw of the marquesa’s seat. One sheet hides the restroom, made of strong red limestone.


Already in the entrance, a sample of the art collection. After the Sônia Ebling’s sculpture, there is the Marquesa bench and a high variety of works on the walls and pedestals. Not only the restroom has strong colours. For the built-in kitchen, we choose a apple-green limestone, and many woodworks in purple and green tones.


The furnishing and carpets are another highlight spot. Besides many oriental carpets, there is a exclusive Odergard. Between furniture, besides Niemeyer’s signed Marquesa bench, we have icons of national and worldwide furnishing, like the chairs Cesca of Marcel Breuer at the veranda, the armchair Donna of Gaetano Pesce, the armchair Esfera, made by the brasilian Ricardo Fasanello, the armchairs LC of Le Corbusier and the Maggiolina, designed by Marco Zanusco.


The lining was designed in different levels, in order to mask the low Height and, especially, to highlight the entrance door and the Niemeyer’s Marquesa bench. Add to all those things a spectacular view to the wooded neighbourhood (not by chance called “Cidade Jardim” – garden City) and to the mountains, very typical of Belo Horizonte.”

colourful-apartment-belo-horizonte-art-collector-lover-strong-colours-designed-2arquitetos-06 colourful-apartment-belo-horizonte-art-collector-lover-strong-colours-designed-2arquitetos-07 colourful-apartment-belo-horizonte-art-collector-lover-strong-colours-designed-2arquitetos-08 colourful-apartment-belo-horizonte-art-collector-lover-strong-colours-designed-2arquitetos-09 colourful-apartment-belo-horizonte-art-collector-lover-strong-colours-designed-2arquitetos-10 colourful-apartment-belo-horizonte-art-collector-lover-strong-colours-designed-2arquitetos-11 colourful-apartment-belo-horizonte-art-collector-lover-strong-colours-designed-2arquitetos-12 colourful-apartment-belo-horizonte-art-collector-lover-strong-colours-designed-2arquitetos-13 colourful-apartment-belo-horizonte-art-collector-lover-strong-colours-designed-2arquitetos-14 colourful-apartment-belo-horizonte-art-collector-lover-strong-colours-designed-2arquitetos-15 colourful-apartment-belo-horizonte-art-collector-lover-strong-colours-designed-2arquitetos-16 colourful-apartment-belo-horizonte-art-collector-lover-strong-colours-designed-2arquitetos-17 colourful-apartment-belo-horizonte-art-collector-lover-strong-colours-designed-2arquitetos-18 colourful-apartment-belo-horizonte-art-collector-lover-strong-colours-designed-2arquitetos-19 colourful-apartment-belo-horizonte-art-collector-lover-strong-colours-designed-2arquitetos-20 colourful-apartment-belo-horizonte-art-collector-lover-strong-colours-designed-2arquitetos-21 colourful-apartment-belo-horizonte-art-collector-lover-strong-colours-designed-2arquitetos-22 colourful-apartment-belo-horizonte-art-collector-lover-strong-colours-designed-2arquitetos-23 colourful-apartment-belo-horizonte-art-collector-lover-strong-colours-designed-2arquitetos-24 colourful-apartment-belo-horizonte-art-collector-lover-strong-colours-designed-2arquitetos-25 colourful-apartment-belo-horizonte-art-collector-lover-strong-colours-designed-2arquitetos-26

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