The Ettley Residence by Studio 9one2

The Ettley Residence by Studio 9one2

Architects: Studio 9one2
Location: California, USA
Photos: Studio 9one2

The Ettley living arrangement is a study in strong void connections. The Aluminum and wood “umbrella” over the blue glass, which have all the earmarks of being pieces of solidified blue Pacific sea, compare against the strong wood boxes giving an appearance of a current side model.

et_100613_01Arranged only a couple hinders from the sea, the up-inclining parcel accomplishes instructing perspectives of the water while giving a cityscape frontal area to the setting. The expert suite situated at the mid level front has a glass floor sitting zone, which disregards a reflecting lake and patio nursery underneath. This porch is situated off the theater/family room.


There is a vertical bamboo greenhouse encompassed by wood supports that grow up through the building giving required security to the expert and to the principle living spaces at the top level. This vertical greenery enclosure gives a zen like feeling finishing the wealth in the chose materials used in the planning of this home.


Studio 9one2 has gotten to be known for it’s especially fascinating staircases. The greater part of shoreline houses in the LA range are planned as modified arrangements with the living spaces at the top level keeping in mind the end goal to accomplish the best sea sees. Subsequently the both guests and tenants alike use the stair framework all the time. Studio 9one2 dependably endeavors to make those regularly unremarkable outings into sculptural encounters. This home with its “Esher-esque” stairs and glass floor arrivals is positively no special case.

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