Sotogrande House by A-cero Architects

Sotogrande House by A-cero

Architects: A-cero
Location: Cadiz, Spain
Year: 2010
Area: 4,300 sqft
Photos: A-cero

A-cero has picked the white shading as the principle component in the house’s improvement keeping in mind the end goal to give clarity and radiance to the inside ranges. Moreover, white shading has been picked in light of the fact that it makes an unwinding climate as indicated by the lively aims of the proprietors.


In the outside zones you can locate a 90m2 swimming pool and wide entertainment puts in request to praise gatherings and get-togethers. The house’s structure is a cubic volume. It has a zone of right around 400 m2 and it is dispersed in two stories. The most open spaces are in the ground floor: parlor, lounge area, corridor and a cleaning room. The kitchen, hireling quarters and four rooms are in this level as well. Every one of the rooms have admittance to the outside regions.


The furniture, composed by A-cero, incorporates lacquered cutting edge pieces. White and beige woods have a fundamental part in the furniture. In a few spots there are a few points of interest of dull wood which break the prevalent white shading. Owner have given to the house an individual style. They have incorporated a few pieces in the house’s design as a Piet Hein light or a seat set in the amusements room.


Taking everything into account, this is an agreeable and practical house for summer occasions where the white shading has the principle part as per the run of the mill structural planning of the district where it is found.




Sotogrande-House-02 Sotogrande-House-04 Sotogrande-House-05 Sotogrande-House-06-1 Sotogrande-House-06 Sotogrande-House-07 Sotogrande-House-12-1 Sotogrande-House-12 Sotogrande-House-13-1 Sotogrande-House-13 Sotogrande-House-14-1 Sotogrande-House-14 Sotogrande-House-15 Sotogrande-House-16 Sotogrande-House-17 Sotogrande-House-18 Sotogrande-House-19 Sotogrande-House-21 Sotogrande-House-22 Sotogrande-House-23

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