Thao Dien Villa by MM ++ Architects

Thao Dien Villa by MM ++ Architects

Architects: MM ++ Architects
Location: Thao Dien, Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam
Year: 2014
Photo courtesy: Hiroyuki OKI

This task is a remodel of an estate situated in east suburb of Ho Chi Minh City, District 2. The expectation was to turn the current development, a “pastiche” craftsmanship deco, into a contemporary estate with clean lines and open spaces while keeping the whole existing solid structure.


The expense sparing, which speaks to around 30% of aggregate development expense and the efficient on the development timetable was a colossal advantage for the customer, a speculator. In this way, with adjusting the expense, it was conceivable to add new components to the development.


– The building has been decreased to his most negligible expression, a white cubic shape with two vertical vegetal dividers included the front and back of the house keeping in mind the end goal to bring protection for the rooms and permitting expansive openings for normal ventilation without intersection sees.


– The vertical greenery enclosure “augments” the encompassing vegetation onto the dividers and makes the house “vanishing” into the scene. It makes a solid visual association between the house and the patio nursery and gives a personality to the spot.


– On the ground floor, front room, feasting and kitchen are converged in one of a kind space completely open to the outside on three sides, bringing the greenery enclosure inside the house. Swimming pool and decking have been reshaped as an augmentation of the inside space. The staircase has been migrated for a superior dispersion of the first floor and makes the principle highlight of the family room with a coasting steps plan.


– On the first floor, three rooms rather than the four existing keeping in mind the end goal to pick up space to make a genuine expert suite.


Beginning from a poor existing space quality, encased, with no association with the patio nursery, this undertaking is an investigation to show how it can be flexible and enjoyable to “play” with a current structure and to transform the development into a fundamentally distinctive format and plan, uncovering better spaces, increasing the value of the spot and proposing a way of life closer to nature.

Thao-Dien-Villa-by-MM-++-Architects-07 Thao-Dien-Villa-by-MM-++-Architects-08 Thao-Dien-Villa-by-MM-++-Architects-09 Thao-Dien-Villa-by-MM-++-Architects-10 Thao-Dien-Villa-by-MM-++-Architects-11 Thao-Dien-Villa-by-MM-++-Architects-12 Thao-Dien-Villa-by-MM-++-Architects-13 Thao-Dien-Villa-by-MM-++-Architects-14 Thao-Dien-Villa-by-MM-++-Architects-15 Thao-Dien-Villa-by-MM-++-Architects-16 Thao-Dien-Villa-by-MM-++-Architects-17 Thao-Dien-Villa-by-MM-++-Architects-18 Thao-Dien-Villa-by-MM-++-Architects-19 Thao-Dien-Villa-by-MM-++-Architects-20 Thao-Dien-Villa-by-MM-++-Architects-21 Thao-Dien-Villa-by-MM-++-Architects-22

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