The Wave House by A-cero Architects

The Wave House by A-cero Architects

Architects: A-cero Architects
Location: Casa de Campo, La Romana, Dominican Republic
Year: 2009
Photos courtesy: Fernando Manosalvas, Provaltur International

The stone of outside Coralline meddles inside to offer visual progression… The outside sensation – inside winds up by getting lost putting the greenhouses inside the house. The kind atmosphere that wins amid the entire year in the Caribbean island, and additionally the circumstance of the plot of 7.000 m2 first drift line, they decide ahead of time the task executed by A-cero Studio.

Wave-House-17With a solitary engineering thought and a sure level of hazardous, impossible to miss of the group that Joaquin Torres coordinates. There seem two pieces all around isolated from that there emerges a round of bended volumes that search for the vertical position from the covering.


The lodging is anticipated by interest of system of requirements of the customer, in stand out plant. There is dressed the entire place of an indigenous stone of Coralline of clear tones (white – beige) that, to a portion of the best possible nature of the material, a visual angle that succeeds with the bounteous sun based light, and the marine reference.


From the main get to, the house appears to take cover behind a fulfillment of bended dividers that trust a sculptural set. In the center, a major entryway of two sheets in wood prompts the lodging. The entire lodging has crossed ventilation, along these lines to have the capacity to make utilization of the considerable number of points of interest of the Caribbean atmosphere particularly the breeze.


Insides are proposed with furniture planned by A-cero and made to estimation; for all intents and purposes the entire creation was acknowledged in Spain. However, exceptionally over-burden ambiences would prefer not to be made not of declared enrichment, asserting a sure effortlessness inside the huge inside spaces. The stone of outside Coralline meddles inside to offer visual coherence, notwithstanding there is this material quite adjusted for the warm present atmosphere the entire year. The entire lodging one can say that it is opened on the outside in for all intents and purposes every one of his fronts, with enormous practicable expansive windows. The outside sensation – inside winds up by getting lost putting the patio nurseries inside the house.


Wave-House-01 Wave-House-02 Wave-House-03 Wave-House-05 Wave-House-06-1 Wave-House-06-2 Wave-House-06-3 Wave-House-06 Wave-House-08 Wave-House-09 Wave-House-10 Wave-House-11 Wave-House-12-1 Wave-House-12-2 Wave-House-12-3 Wave-House-12 Wave-House-13 Wave-House-16 Wave-House-17-1 Wave-House-21 Wave-House-22-1 Wave-House-22-2 Wave-House-22 Wave-House-23-1 Wave-House-23-2 Wave-House-23 Wave-House-24 Wave-House-25 Wave-House-26 Wave-House-27-1 Wave-House-27 Wave-House-29-1 Wave-House-29 Wave-House-31 Wave-House-35 Wave-House-36 Wave-House-37 Wave-House-45 Wave-House-50 Wave-House-51

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