Island House by Iroje KHM Architects

Island House by Iroje KHM Architects

Architects: Iroje KHM Architects
Location: Gapyunggun, Gyeounggi-do, South Korea
Year: 2008
Area: 6,759 sqft
Photos: JongOh Kim

This site, where is drifting on waterway and defied the effortless scene, was emphatically perceived to me as a piece of nature, from the first occasion when that I met. From that point, I began to envision “the structural nature” as a position of entertainment. While amplifying the effectiveness of landuse, the leaner solid mass, that values the yard where is loaded with the water and the greenery, was laid out on this site along the sporadic shaped site line.


This yard is “The engineering nature” and a focal amusement space as amplified waterway that convey the stream and architecture.The entire piece of the stride wrote rooftops, where is moving upward with different level, are straightforwardly connected to the bed rooms in upper floor. At long last, this ventured rooftop greenhouses are connected to both sides of the internal court at where swimming pool is. The internal court where is loaded with the water and bloom and organic product, and the entire of the rooftop greenery enclosures are flowed as the consistent scene spot and that is the spot as “engineering nature” in idea.


Normally, the greater part of the rooms inside this site-molded mass are laid toward the pleasant scene to appreciate the agile landscape encompassed this site.The colossal all encompassing perspective encircled with slanted roof line that is made with the lines out of ventured rooftop patio nurseries and the primary concern of the inward court, is the real impression of internal space of this house.Promenade internal space of skipfloor made the promenade roofgarden-space of skipfloor.


Skip floor arrangement of within this house created different emotional spaces. Gliding boxes with bamboo garden – Dynamic, doubtful grouping of inside space.As “The design nature”, coasting white polyhedral masses that have the implicit bamboo greenery enclosures, delivered the different stories of vertical space.


The state of the mountain sort made out of sporadic polygonal molded solid mass and metal lattice was intended to fit with the connection as “the design mountain”. There was the expectation to be a piece of the encompassing connection that comprised of the stream and the mountain.

House-Island-06 House-Island-07 House-Island-08-0 House-Island-08-1 House-Island-08 House-Island-09 House-Island-10 House-Island-11 House-Island-12 House-Island-13 House-Island-14 House-Island-15 House-Island-16 House-Island-17 House-Island-21 House-Island-22 House-Island-23 House-Island-24 House-Island-25 House-Island-26 House-Island-27 House-Island-28House-Island-29 House-Island-30 House-Island-31 House-Island-32

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