Stylish Ultramodern Sky Penthouse in Tel Aviv

Stylish Ultramodern Sky Penthouse in Tel Aviv

Location: Tel Aviv, Israel
Price: $12 million 
Photo courtesy: Itay Sikolski

Tel Aviv’s most stunning penthouse residence is now available in the W Tower in Park Tzameret. Located over the top three floors, the state of the art penthouse enjoys exceptional views of Tel Aviv and the Mediterranean Sea. With features including high ceilings and 6m water feature in the lounge, private internal elevator, fully automatic smart home with private swimming pool, glass floor terrace overlooking the lounge, three further bedrooms and bathrooms plus maid’s room. (All controllable from your iphone.)


Breath taking views with ultimate privacy. The architects have paid attention to every detail, including a private rooftop pool. A wonderful place to entertain offering discretion and serenety.

Sky-Penthouse-02 Sky-Penthouse-03 Sky-Penthouse-04 Sky-Penthouse-05 Sky-Penthouse-06 Sky-Penthouse-07 Sky-Penthouse-08 Sky-Penthouse-09 Sky-Penthouse-10 Sky-Penthouse-11 Sky-Penthouse-12 Sky-Penthouse-13 Sky-Penthouse-14 Sky-Penthouse-15 Sky-Penthouse-16 Sky-Penthouse-17 Sky-Penthouse-18 Sky-Penthouse-19 Sky-Penthouse-20 Sky-Penthouse-21 Sky-Penthouse-22 Sky-Penthouse-23 Sky-Penthouse-24 Sky-Penthouse-25 Sky-Penthouse-26 Sky-Penthouse-27 Sky-Penthouse-28 Sky-Penthouse-29 Sky-Penthouse-30 Sky-Penthouse-31 Sky-Penthouse-32 Sky-Penthouse-33 Sky-Penthouse-34 Sky-Penthouse-35 Sky-Penthouse-36 Sky-Penthouse-37 Sky-Penthouse-38 Sky-Penthouse-39 Sky-Penthouse-40 Sky-Penthouse-41 Sky-Penthouse-42 Sky-Penthouse-43 Sky-Penthouse-44 Sky-Penthouse-45 Sky-Penthouse-46 Sky-Penthouse-47 Sky-Penthouse-48 Sky-Penthouse-49 Sky-Penthouse-50 Sky-Penthouse-51 Sky-Penthouse-52

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