Apartment Joaquim located in the Pinheiros district of São Paulo by RSRG Arquitetos

Apartment Joaquim located in the Pinheiros district of São Paulo by RSRG Arquitetos

Architects: RSRG Arquitetos
Location: São Paulo, Brazil
Year: 2015
Area: 850 ft²/ 79 m²
Photo courtesy: Fran Parente

Apartment Joaquim was born in an old 50’s building, situated at Sao Paulo’s neighbourhood, Pinheiros. It’s a basic 3 story development with business reason at the ground floor. The loft itself has 79 sq. meters (850 sq. feet) and 2 little overhangs.


The redesign fundamental standards were conveying daylight to the entire environment and making a characteristic stream between spaces. Build the headroom and volume by taking without end the first roof and offering sight to the rooftop structure were the task high focuses. The remodel works kept going 4 months.


After the devastation of a few dividers and arrangement of metallic basic fortifications, the loft format turned totally free of physical limits. After the utilization of the wooden floor, two volumes were added to the venture, a blue box and a water driven box.


The blue box is the main hued compositional component and isolates the suite/room from the remaining spaces. It doesn’t go all through the entire headroom, giving space for the wind and daylight to openly spread, creating a dynamic dialog with the old wood structure. This volume contains the suite’s bureau also, and can be gotten to from numerous sides: general use confront the hall and the proprietor’s private garments confront the suite. The toilet (sink and reflect) is set inside the room and outside the private lavatory keeping in mind the end goal to convey a more cozy touch to the shower tub. This arrangement improves the space use. An open bureau goes close by the toilet and just about joins the Silestone sink top, setting up a slight and point by point arrangement.


The water powered white box is made by a dish cupboard, a glass isolated lavabo and the suite’s washroom, where a beautiful wooden shower tub is set up. Since the building is old and doesn’t have a cutting edge gas framework, a metallic 5000L kettle was included over the washroom, giving boiling hot water to the loft. The immense front room has an eating table, social zone and a little office, where the proprietor works and keeps in touch with her ballads at weekends.


The TV room can be utilized as visitor room and contains the proprietor’s broad book gathering set on the fundamental divider, for she is a manager at a book organization. The kitchen and clothing are made by white furniture and white earthenware tiles, making a splendid room. The broiler overhang has no limits and gives direct visual association with the eating table, increasing the utilizations and incorporating spaces.

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