CW single-family house in Nazareth, Belgium by Wim Heylen

CW single-family house in Nazareth, Belgium by Wim Heylen

Architects: Wim Heylen
Location: Nazareth, Belgium
Year: 2015
Photo courtesy: Stijn Bollaert

This single-family house is situated in Nazareth, a district in the Belgian region of East Flanders. It is arranged in a road with an assortment of lodging typologies close-by a major regular lake. The site has an incredible profundity running from the allowed developing zone to a territory of trees and thick vegetation in the back. The fundamental thought behind this undertaking was to give the proprietors an ideal perspective on those trees and exploiting the introduction to fill the house with common light concurring the requirements of the distinctive spaces.


The decision was made not to rival alternate typologies and structural styles of the neighboring structures, yet to make a discrete one story house alluding to a previous wrecked development based on the plot. The floorplan of the lodge takes after the sidelong plot limits and in this way step by step opens towards the back. Along these lines the perspective to the greenery enclosure and trees is augmented.


The living ranges are opposite toward the west-limit with openings discovering the night sun, while the dozing regions are opposite toward the east-limit giving the morning a chance to light in. The juxtaposition of these distinctive points are determined in three critical spots of the house.


Initial a porch at the heart of the house conveys light to the more shut parts. It outwardly associates the passageway, home office space and night corridor. They are created around the yard reacting to their need of closeness. Because of its sporadic structure the sun reflects in various headings enlightening the contiguous rooms. As a reward; the round pathway around the yard welcomes kids to unlimited diversions of tag.


Also a triangular volume between the living range and main room pairs as chimney on one side, and a dressing organizer on the other side. The shape means the type of the fireplace above it. Finally another triangular structure is one made of air: a bay window opening in the parking space denote the front entryway. At the passage guests as of now see a look of the tree tops through it.


The back veneer folds out towards the greenhouse with a solid shade, porch and a lake. These components make, as a part of the engineering, the move in the middle of inside and outside. The diverse lines of the arrangement make the canopy with the goal that it throws the most shade when the sun is at its most elevated. At the intersection point the façade twists, turning the windows of living region and main room far from each other. Along these lines they can both advantage the same perspective without trading off their common protection. The lake and aluminum blinds of the main room window upgrade this.


In spite of its size, the house shows up from the road view. Seen from the back the lodge summons the environment of a get-away house from times passed by, with its covering, smokestack and even a spot to stack the woodblocks for the chimney.

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