De Beauvoir Road by Scott Architects

De Beauvoir Road by Scott Architects

Location: London, England
Year: 2013
Photo courtesy: Craig Sheppard

The refurbishment and extension of an existing Victorian terraced house within the de Beauvoir Conservation Area.


The sculptural form of the rear extension has resulted from specific responses to the site’s immediate surroundings, while preserving the character of the existing building. The extension is designed to be part of the garden landscaping rather than the main house and this is reflected in the choice of timber cladding and green roof system.

De-Beauvoir-Road-House-02 De-Beauvoir-Road-House-03 De-Beauvoir-Road-House-04 De-Beauvoir-Road-House-05 De-Beauvoir-Road-House-06 De-Beauvoir-Road-House-07 De-Beauvoir-Road-House-08 De-Beauvoir-Road-House-09 De-Beauvoir-Road-House-10 De-Beauvoir-Road-House-11 De-Beauvoir-Road-House-12 De-Beauvoir-Road-House-13 De-Beauvoir-Road-House-14 De-Beauvoir-Road-House-15 De-Beauvoir-Road-House-16 De-Beauvoir-Road-House-17 De-Beauvoir-Road-House-18 De-Beauvoir-Road-House-19 De-Beauvoir-Road-House-20 De-Beauvoir-Road-House-21

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