Arbour House by Richard Kirk Architect

Arbour House by Richard Kirk Architect

Architects: Richard Kirk Architect
Location: Bulimba Reach of the Brisbane River, Queensland, Australia
Year: 2009
Photo courtesy: Scott Burrows

Arbor House, situated on the Bulimba Reach of the Brisbane River, is a study in siting and complex explanation to yield sees and scene associations.


The long thin 13 meter wide site is situated between two key open spaces, specifically a built up noteworthy arbor of fig trees and an open riverfront footpath. The site which once framed part of the encompassing multi-private enclave is currently distinquished by another single disconnected abiding. Not at all like other riverfront houses, the new abiding is sited an aware separation from the waterways edge, protecting a 80 year old Poincianna tree and noteworthy open perspectives from the promenade of the bordering legacy recorded staying.


The substantial mishap makes a stage for a private greenhouse under the shade of the overhang of the Poincianna tree. The level of the stage and the tallness of the Poincianna tree and the Arbor built up the two datums for the setout of open and private spaces of the residence. People in general riverfront living levels are neighboring this space whislt the back living spaces are raised over the carport to investigate the shade of the Arbor. The private room spaces of the upper level are raised to a tallness to manage the cost of perspectives of the tree shade and waterway yet protection from people in general stream promenade.


The home receives a yard typology with two pavillions connected by an expansive twofold stature stairwell and outside patio. The structure is conceptualized as an item cut from a strong volume of the suitable building zone with the patio giving a defensive volume from which to cross ventilate each of the spaces of the house and to permit the diverse spaces of the house association additionally discrete and inconspicuous partition – the family home as a town.

Arbour-House-04 Arbour-House-05 Arbour-House-06 Arbour-House-07 Arbour-House-08 Arbour-House-09 Arbour-House-10 Arbour-House-11 Arbour-House-12 Arbour-House-13 Arbour-House-14 Arbour-House-15

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