Harrison Street Residence by Scott Allen Architecture

Harrison Street Residence by Scott Allen Architecture

Architects: Scott Allen Architecture
Location: Issaquah, King County, Washington, USA
Year: 2011
Area: 4,589 sqft
Photo courtesy: Aaron Leitz Photography

Situated in Issaquah Highlands’ prestigious Harrison Street neighborhood, this two-level home components refined contemporary outline that actually suits an easygoing Pacific Northwest way of life. The slope setting offered the chance to put the fundamental living spaces and also the Master suite on the upper level, exploiting the far reaching sees.


The house arranges insightfully set the section well once again from the road, behind a greenery enclosure and lake, to make a private, inviting move into the home. An extensive vaulted space, which houses the living, feasting and kitchen zones, frames the heart of this home. The space is warmed by the utilization of hardwood floors and actually completed wood pillars all through. Regular light enlightens the space through the utilization of constant clerestory windows along the north and south sides. Large portions of these openings are engine operable to effectively get to the cross-ventilation the site actually gives.


A sensational wood and steel open-tread staircase join the upper and lower levels. The lower level elements a multi-utilitarian space that can be utilized for a wide assortment of family exercises and opens to both a perspective side deck and a south-bound amusement zone. The amusement range makes a characteristic spot to assemble with inherent seating, a flame pit and a waterfall encouraged from the pool above. The lower level additionally houses three rooms, two bathrooms, and a bar and wine room. The carport is slyly avoided view on the lower level just like the vitality effective geothermal warming and cooling framework.


On both levels of the home the perspectives are boosted. Within and outside spaces stream unreservedly from one to the next through the utilization of larger than usual windows and one end to the other bi-separating entryways – outline highlights that together with the vitality productive warming and cooling framework and beforehand noted compositional configuration highlights make an immortal economical outline. Broad decks on both levels are constructed of hardwood decking and stainless steel railings for both stylish advance and toughness.

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