MP Apartment by Burnazzi Feltrin Architetti

MP Apartment by Burnazzi Feltrin Architetti

Location: Valcanover, Italy
Year: 2012
Photo courtesy: Carlo Baroni

The MP apartment was originally built in order to enjoy the landscape of Caldonazzo lake, near the village of S. Cristoforo, traditionally considered “Trento’s beach”.


The apartment is surrounded by gardens and orchards and has a beautiful view on the lake. It is developed on three levels, beyond the basement: on the ground floor is the living area, the first floor hosts the bedrooms, and the attic is dedicated to study and relaxation activities. The main façade faces south, maximizing the benefits of the winter sunshine.


The furniture project is based on the observation of the surrounding landscape and the analysis of the actions that take place there; exactly the lake, in which is reflected a circle of wood-covered mountains, is able to evoke images of great freedom, such as the practice of outdoor sports, recreation, but also suspension from tasks, protection, the deserved rest. The furniture, with its succession of full, the working time and empty leisure, evokes just the need to find a new balance between opposites, to regenerate body and mind.


Natural vegetal and mineral materials are used, such as oak, declined as a coating for floors and walls, and lime plaster, which can both be practical, yet extremely comfortable. Vegetable and minerals materials are to be found in the garden, which has become the place where the wild and the domestic landscape melt into one another, wood is used as a coating, in the paving and pergola that casts a shadow onto the barbecue, Levocell characterizes both the sidewalk entrance, and the vaso-bench, green wedges, with hedges, lawn and ground cover in the living area.


Here, the planning has concentrated particularly; a unique space, thanks to a central piece of furniture, as if it were a totem, is multiplied and mirrored in many different spaces, allowing users to perform several personal tasks at the same time, while remaining together. There is a kitchen, breakfast area, the dining room, tv and relax area; the central piece of furniture, which has by now become the functional pin, includes a fireplace, but it is also a useful and versatile piece of furniture, almost like a boat locker, like those that, on sunny days, appear on the lake.

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