How to Give Your Floor an Extra Glam

How to Give Your Floor an Extra Glam

The floor is an important aspect of any space. You might have not thought about it, but floors play quite a huge role in the appearance and the overall decorative effect in your home. Floors are the first thing you get in contact with when entering a house, affecting your impression subconsciously. If you want to redecorate your room, change the flooring, it will instantly change your room’s mood to warmer or cooler and make it seem larger or smaller.

So how can you give your floor an extra glam? You can by decorating it, here are some tricks that will help you.

Floor repair

First, you need to fix those floors. Over time, these surfaces will show wear and tear. It is important to invest in flooring. Today, there are hundreds of flooring solutions, the people at Integra Direct Floors explain the different options you can choose from: hybrid flooring, timber flooring, loose-lay vinyl flooring, carpets and more. They also explain what subfloor you will need and how to install – and yes you can install it yourself.

Pick your floor considering its function. Each room needs different floor features, so in your bathrooms you will need tiles, you can’t add wood. In your bedroom, maybe you would like to wake up standing barefoot on soft silky carpet, and in your living room wooden floors will revive the furniture. Also consider colors and style regarding your room furniture style and walls, like solid wood colors will show warmth and authenticity in the room.

Area rugs

Area rugs will instantly complement your flooring. They come in different sizes, materials and shapes. There are guidelines on how to choose the perfect rug depending on the room. For example, in the living room buy a big carpet that will fit under all your furniture. Also look for the perfect color that will match your furniture, you may choose from the same color tones to design a neutral room or go for a pop color rug for a modern twist.

Floor lamp

Floor lamps will never go out of fashion. They will serve you a dual purpose of light and decorative. Using its beautiful warm light can highlight the area underneath it, so you will be showing off your beautiful floor or/and area rug. Try placing a tripod lamp in your room’s corner and enjoy the ambience.  Make sure to place chords away from walkways and high traffic area, you don’t want to be tumbling over it all day.

Floor plants

The natural way of putting glam to your floors is adding up some plants. Plants have a dual purpose too, a side of their decorative aspect, they will provide you with clean air and more oxygen. Buy those big plants that can take an entire corner, they will extend your floor contrast. Mind allergies and look for what’s the best indoor plant for your home.

Start decorating your floor with those tricks, your home will be super glam and will certainly feel brand new. We tend to think of the flooring last, or not at all, but you’ll see how much it can transform a space and change the mood entirely.

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