Neighborhood XVII Residence by Zahavi Architects

Neighborhood XVII Residence by Zahavi Architects

Architects: Zahavi Architects
Location: Ashdod, Israel
Year: 2012
Area: 4,844 sqft / 450 sqm
Photos: Shai Epstein

The house was intended for a family with young kids. It is described by geometric veneer. The delicate lines in the front of the house make an intriguing hall, the family room on opposite is an expansive system, yet they both are a piece of the same mass. The front divider that infiltrates into the house proceeds with the stream from outside towards the rooftop and the general structure.


A vital component that impacted the configuration of the building was the sun way, with a specific end goal to let in however much normal light as could reasonably be expected. The state of the parlor is a dawn entry, and afterward daylight washes the house in an arranged request: first the east wing – open space, main room and swimming pool, and at exactly that point the west wing – rooms and family room. The house has water reusing framework, protection and sunlight based rooftop as per green norms.


The parcel, on which the house is assembled, is encompassed by different houses and does not have a perspective. Consequently the house openings focus fundamentally on the yard and the swimming pool. The primary hues, shades of white, give a vaporous and light feeling, and the chose materials upgrade the feeling of space. Light shaded porcelain stone tiles, which mirror the normal light, and the utilization of glass, incorporating into stair rails, all add to straightforwardness.


The family likes to have and sorts out occasions and suppers with numerous visitors. This need managed the configuration of ground floor. It was arranged as a brought together open space neglecting the yard, and incorporates a substantial outside kitchen, shut little inside kitchen, lounge area and parlor with high roof that gets a considerable measure of light. One can move from the general population space straightforwardly to the porch and the swimming pool.


The top floor is a private region with family rooms. It incorporates the main room, a private family room, three youngsters rooms, kids’ lavatory, a pantry with an overhang and an exhibition. The rooftop is separated into two sections: one section contains sun oriented boards, while the other part serves as another facilitating range furnished with greenery enclosure furniture.


Notwithstanding two stories, the house incorporates a cellar that has a few uses: the home office of the father, an amusement lobby, a home theater and a room situated in the sheltered room (mamad). The storm cellar has three windows ignoring to the pool.


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