The Winged House by K2LD Architects

The Winged House by K2LD Architects

Architects: K2LD Architects
Location: Singapore
Year: 2012
Photo courtesy: Patrick Bingham-Hall

A private family home arranged on an exceptionally molded triangular plot, the Winged House outlines the site with two conspicuous structures – the trapeziums. These structures open towards the fundamental perspective at the back of the site where 3 existing great palms are, and of lavish greenery. These grasping structures cut out and outline a center patio nursery for cordial and private social occasions.


In light of the tropical atmosphere setting, the formal investigation took a turn from cutting openings from an unadulterated trapezoid structure to isolating rooftop from structure. The structure draws from the comprehension of conventional Malay construction modeling where the house itself is climatically receptive to convey solace to its tenants. The type of the conventional Malay house is reinterpreted into collapsing trapeziums whilst keeping its climatic motivation behind getting outside air into its inside space. Components, for example, the amplified overhanging roof and the twofold pitched rooftop are embraced into the structure. The augmented overhanging roof are showed as broad rooftop overhangs for the actually ventilated spaces, which are delighted in with much safe house and shade notwithstanding amid the sonal substantial downpour deluges.


The customary twofold pitched rooftop is deciphered into the division and stunning of the rooftop structure. This split of the rooftop accomplished a play of light and shadows into the inside space. Spaces, for example, the twofold volume Dining room, the second story path and the huge Patio are all celebrated with the covering split rooftop and its light play. This opening is further upgraded around evening time with disguised light fittings enlightening the split. The amazed rooftop shape likewise makes for the likelihood of the entrance of normal ventilation into the living spaces.


Materiality is critical to fortifying the relationship of the two winged structures, its space in the middle of and rooftop on rooftop. In the middle of the road space between two structures is the principle passage hall and Living room which is flanked with two component normal split stone dividers, standing out its overwhelming vicinity from the delicacy of the rooftops and vertical timber lines of the house. Timber is broadly utilized all through the house, picking a lighter types of timber (Burmese Teak) for the underside of the rooftops versus the darker wood (Chengai) as the infill medium (ie: the sun-shading screens) to make a play of profundity of the façade. The vertical timber screens not just help in giving shade from the unforgiving sun, however it mixes the house with the rich vertical tree trunks of the encompassing greenery.


The Winged House, in its formal expressions and material dialect, results in a homestead sits cozily in its connection in a calm “winged” grasp of the site and abiding inside.

The-Winged-House-05 The-Winged-House-06 The-Winged-House-07 The-Winged-House-09

Main Contractor: Holden Tiling & Construction Pte Ltd
M&E Engineer: PTA Consultants Pte Ltd
Structural Engineer: MSE Engineering & Management Consultants
Quantity Surveyor: Ian Chng Cost Consultants Pte Ltd
Landscape: Watermount Gardens Pte Ltd
Interior Designer: A2zen Consulting Ltd The-Winged-House-10 The-Winged-House-11 The-Winged-House-12 The-Winged-House-13 The-Winged-House-14 The-Winged-House-15

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