Project that mandate the Old Town rules of Granada and at the same time brings a new and contemporary image

Architects: DTR_studio
Location: Granada, Spain
Year: 2016
Area: 7.965 ft²/ 740 m²
Photo courtesy: Cristián Beltran

“The house has a very relevant situation inside the city of Granada, located in the join between “Paseo del Salón” and “Paseo de la Bomba”. The position, between common walls, but at the same time like a separated object, because the adjoining plots have their free space towards our boundary, make our building into a urban referent.

Following these premises, we have developed a proposal that join the composition, height and finishing that mandate the Old Town rules and at the same time, a new and contemporary image that this particular and unique position we think it should accommodate.

Therefore, the façade of the house has a plinth that support the ground level windows, taking more height in the entrance door to emphasise it.

The rest of the elevation are ordered following the vertical axes that the Old town rules obligate, but with little movements to improve the views and the natural light inside the rooms and to make a less fixed façade .

The cornice lines are marked with metal sheet , even in the party wall. This is a 4 façade house, and this is the way to emphasy it.

The house is developed in 4 storeys , connected by a lineal stairs sited parallel to a patio that orders the background of the house. The parking and the Laundry is located in the basement, and the two first levels are for the private area of the dwelling : the bed-rooms .

In the highest storey is the living area and the kitchen, to get the best views and to have the access to the garden close to the old wall. Central patio and Backyard are classical elements in the Granada typical villa (Carmen) that connects with the Arab tradition of the Morisco House. We have used these elements but with a contemporany optic.”