House which manifests its character with an apparent concrete wall and with wooden access doors

House which manifests its character with an apparent concrete wall and with wooden access doors

Architects: Taller5 Arquitectos
Location: Leon, Guanajuato, Mexico
Year: 2016
Area: 1.937 ft²/ 180 m²
Photo courtesy: Oscar Hernandez

“The GP House project is the result of a clear definition of needs and an excellent relationship with the client, which clearly expressed their concerns for the excellent development of the project.

The ground is in a residential area delimited by neighbors on both sides and in the back with the wall dividing the condominium. The architectural program comprises the requirements for only one person, developed based on the basic needs to inhabit the space: bedroom, bathroom, living room, kitchen and services.

From the street, the GP House manifests its character with an apparent concrete wall with wooden access doors, celebrating the required privacy inside the grounds and denoting a contrast of these materials that are constant throughout the house. As you enter the building you will discover the volume of glass with a concrete slab resting on the light steel columns. The living space is accessed through a ladder in the middle of the vegetation that offers a shelter over the side void towards the garage.

The main volume acts as the setting for the main activities of the house: an open space that relates directly to the kitchen areas, living rooms and bedroom. A second monolithic body lined with vertical wooden slats contains the secondary services and gives a visual contrast from any angl of the house, bringing heat and contrast to the sober presence of the apparent concrete.

The bathroom of the room had its own character when being covered in its totality in white marble plates, accessories in black and natural wood in a gesture of warmth.

The room has a close relationship with the social area in such a way that these areas are not physically delimited, having direct access with the terrace, a small mirror water and the external garden, formed mostly by endemic species.”

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