The Contemporary Peninsula Residence by Bercy Chen Studio

The Contemporary Peninsula Residence by Bercy Chen Studio

Architects: Bercy Chen Studio
Location: Austin, Texas, USA
Year: 2008
Photo courtesy: Bercy Chen Studio

The Peninsula Residence on Lake Austin has a north-south introduction opening up the house to a wonderful lakeside setting—an uncover like that of unrolling a three dimensional Chinese scroll. To alleviate the western introduction, a broad shading technique was utilized, blocking 85% of warmth increase without impeding perspectives.


Through the utilization of glass, steel, enumerating, and light the home has been adaptively rehashed. Reflection, translucency, shading, and geometry plot to bring common light profound into the house.


Another solarium, green rooftop, and pool are tuned to collaborate with the regular setting. Outside materials and refined enumerating of the rooftop structure give the volume clean lines and a strong vicinity, while abstracting the type of the first dormers and peak rooftop. Further uniting the home to its site, the rooftop starts to break down where a glass-clad smokestack and slatted wood screen stand in help against the sky.

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