Cronulla Residence by Amber Road

Cronulla Residence by Amber Road

Architects: Amber Road
Location: Cronulla, Sydney, Australia
Photo courtesy: Prue Ruscoe

BRIEF To present sculptural and artisinal magnificence and a current three room waterfront property for a group of four.


APPROACH Although set in a mind blowing shoreline area in Cronulla, the timber weatherboard bungalow was in desperate need of some inner adjustments. Through the span of eight months, our brief extended from simply sourcing furniture to building works, tweaking joinery, selecting craftsmanship and additionally hand selecting the ideal pieces to improve the property’s area.


Our significant configuration interposition was the outline and establishment of a 10 meter (32.8 foot) long drifting solid seat, to connect the two living regions and energize an additionally captivating, informative experience for the crew.


Working intimately with Sydney’s joiners Evostyle, we planned a 1.8m (5.9ft) wide American Oak sliding board, edged in bronze, which shrewdly shrouded the TV. Whenever open, the board sat serenely on the inverse of the room as though a bit of craftsmanship in itself. Extra joinery incorporated a passage seat in wire brushed American Oak, recolored dark, with the same bronze edge subtle element found in the sliding timber board. An unpretentious metal figure of a leaning back bare hung over the passage edge which we had appointed by a stone carver in Byron Bay.


The youngsters’ rooms needed capacity, so notwithstanding the work areas we intended for every tyke, we planned organizers consolidating birch handle and stopper sliding boards for a controlled notice show space. The first ground floor main room, was dim and claustrophobic so to present some glow, birch employ framing was settled to half of the room. A delightful credenza in midnight wire brushed American Oak on metal feet was intended for extra stockpiling in the restroom.


The customers were minimalists on a basic level, so we guaranteed that every bit of furniture was chosen for it’s sculptural qualities and delightful shapes. The completing touches incorporated the assortment of photography we hand chose which included both scenes and eccentric representations which promote improved the simple way of the space.

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