Casa Luz by Paz Arquitectura

Casa Luz by Paz Arquitectura

Architects: Paz Arquitectura
Location: Guatemala city, Guatemala
Year: 2010
Area: 1,300 sqft
Photo courtesy: Andres Asturias

With purpose to stress the basic components, and to try to highlight the neighborhood development routines and materials, plan work was done utilizing fine timber formwork as a part of request to leave a lasting engraving on the uncovered cement.


The expansive windows investigate the chances to open the space however much as could reasonably be expected, and utilizing floor to roof windows permits the rooms to end up a gallery. Existing vegetation is saved so that when you open the windows you could have a visual association with the current trees.


White was utilized for even and vertical planes (chunks and dividers) keeping in mind the end goal to bring about the spread of characteristic light. Materials, for example, treated glass, wood and uncovered cement utilized as a part of its size, and characteristic shades make a structural engineering that is limited and direct.

Casa-Luz-02 Casa-Luz-03 Casa-Luz-04 Casa-Luz-05 Casa-Luz-06-1 Casa-Luz-06-2 Casa-Luz-06-3 Casa-Luz-06-4 Casa-Luz-06 Casa-Luz-07 Casa-Luz-08 Casa-Luz-09 Casa-Luz-10 Casa-Luz-11 Casa-Luz-12-1 Casa-Luz-12-2 Casa-Luz-12-3 Casa-Luz-12-5 Casa-Luz-12-6 Casa-Luz-12-7 Casa-Luz-12-8 Casa-Luz-12-9 Casa-Luz-12-10 Casa-Luz-12 Casa-Luz-13 Casa-Luz-14-1 Casa-Luz-14-2 Casa-Luz-14-3-1 Casa-Luz-14-3 Casa-Luz-14-4 Casa-Luz-14-5 Casa-Luz-14-6 Casa-Luz-14-7 Casa-Luz-15 Casa-Luz-16 Casa-Luz-17-1 Casa-Luz-17 Casa-Luz-18 Casa-Luz-19 Casa-Luz-20-1 Casa-Luz-20 Casa-Luz-21-1 Casa-Luz-21 Casa-Luz-22 Casa-Luz-23 Casa-Luz-24 Casa-Luz-25 Casa-Luz-26 Casa-Luz-27-1 Casa-Luz-27-2 Casa-Luz-27 Casa-Luz-28-1 Casa-Luz-28 Casa-Luz-29 Casa-Luz-30-1 Casa-Luz-30 Casa-Luz-32-1 Casa-Luz-32-2 Casa-Luz-32 Casa-Luz-33 Casa-Luz-34 Casa-Luz-35 Casa-Luz-40 Casa-Luz-41 Casa-Luz-42 Casa-Luz-43 Casa-Luz-44

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