Top Tips for Commercial Paving Applications

Top Tips for Commercial Paving Applications


There should be comprehensive planning, design, and thought before the project begins with any commercial paving installation. To create popular commercial areas, such as the likes of Sixfields in Northampton, consideration is needed to find the right paving product that will meet the needs and demands of the project.

Brett Landscaping offers insightful advice on choosing the suitable paving for commercial applications, depending on the scope and project requirements.

High traffic or heavy load traffic areas

Paving can be exposed to several vehicle sizes and loads in city center locations, often with high frequency. Therefore, it’s vital that the right product is chosen to withstand the vehicular traffic, or the paving may be compromised and become more susceptible to cracking. 

For areas where heavy load traffic can be expected, it is recommended that you consider an 80mm block paving design to withstand the weight and pressure. 80mm paving is one of the thickest options available, delivering a robust product that can maintain its build even with heavy trafficking.

Similarly, if your commercial installation will be exposed to vehicular access, 60mm paving is usually a suitable choice. In today’s market, you will discover a great selection of styles and finishes across all thicknesses to suit the desired appearance.


Sustainable installations

With the weather conditions typically experienced in the UK, sustainable paving solutions quickly become the go-to system for many installations. Permeable paving is designed to help prevent localized flooding and water pooling on the surface. The paving works to drain the water effectively away through the open-graded sub-base and back into the ground.

Many permeable paving options are designed with SuDS legislation in mind, resulting in a nib design that achieves a high permeability while enhancing the structural integrity of the surface. In addition, by creating a sustainable water drainage system, you’re able to protect businesses and other commercial spaces from potential hazards caused by standing water.

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Low maintenance and longevity

For many commercial applications, low maintenance and longevity are essential considerations in areas with or without heavy load traffic. For those areas with little to no vehicle access, porcelain paving is becoming a trendy option. 

Porcelain paving delivers a premium, performance-driven material often chosen for large projects, thanks to stylish finishes and qualities that ensure it stays in good condition. In addition, the lack of water absorbency in porcelain paving can aid stain resistance, along with general resistance to general weathering. Finally, with the ease of installation, porcelain is an excellent choice for high-end commercial applications that need to stand the test of time.

Create a wow factor

Today’s choice of paving continues to improve thanks to advances in technology, with there being no need to compromise on quality or style. Commercial applications often include retail, leisure, and hospitality areas that form the heart of a bustling city center. It’s important that any commercial paving doesn’t just meet the project’s needs but also creates a wow factor.

Many finishes and textures of commercial paving styles can create a stunning visual aesthetic that perfectly complements the surrounding environment. Look out for products that might offer a unique touch to a commercial area and make the desired effect.

Commercial paving can be as stylish as practical, offering the ideal solution for retail, leisure, hospitality, or service areas. So, consider your options carefully for your next project to ensure you meet the scope and requirements perfectly. 

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