Front Entry Door Trends To Keep An Eye On

Front Entry Door Trends To Keep An Eye On


To onlookers from afar, the front entry door is a major architectural element that influences the overall style of any house. And for guests and visitors, this part of the home is what greets them first. 

So, if you want your home to create good first impressions, sprucing up your front door is a great starting point. Beyond aesthetics, updating your front door can also give you a host of practical benefits like added natural light, security, or ease of maintenance—which will be discussed in detail later on. 

In this article, we explore front entry door trends in 2021. Let’s get started!


1. Minimalist Door Styles

The simple and uncluttered charm of minimalism continues to captivate the hearts of many. This is why one of the most noticeable door trends is going minimalist with your front doors.

Quite similar to modern style, the minimalist style is characterized by clean lines, simplicity, and the use of geometric shapes. 

Minimalist front doors can either be solid and sleek with a few lines to create a point of focus or could have rectangular glass panels along with the door. It does not have intricate carvings or fussy hardware. Oftentimes, minimalist door styles are paired with simple and clean hardware to complete the look. 

And just because you go minimal doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice security. Minimalist front doors often allow for a more comprehensive selection of door handles and types of locks to choose from.


2. Wider Doorways and Double Doors

Though this trend may seem to clash with the minimalist door trend that we talked about, these two trends actually jive. Minimalism focuses on simplicity and function. And though double doors and wide doorways may seem fussy and ornate, they serve a highly practical purpose. Larger doorways make carrying in large objects and furniture much more accessible, which is one of the reasons why homeowners opt for this type of door in 2021. 

From a design standpoint, whether it’s a double door or just a wider doorway, the larger door creates a strong focal point in the home’s exterior. Furthermore, wider doors make the house seem more inviting and give the illusion of more space. So, whether you’re focused on practicality or style, it’s definitely a win-win with wider doors.  


3. Stylish and Private Glass Panels

Next on our list of front entry door trends is the popularity of glass panels on doors. Though glass on the front door is not an entirely new concept, the current list of popular door designs is clean, simple, and geometric, which ties back to the minimalist trend. 

Popular door designs feature rectangular glass panels running the length of the door. Some door designs even have thinner rectangular glass panels for people who desire more privacy. 

Glass panels on front doors allow natural light to enter the entryway foyer, making the space more inviting and bright. For those who desire privacy but also want ample glass surface areas to receive more light, a textured, rippled, beveled, or frosted sheet of durable glass can be used. 


4. The Timeless Dutch Door

Back in the 17th century, Dutch doors were used to keep livestock out of the farmhouse and children inside the house, all while allowing the gentle breeze to flow through the opened top half of the door. 

Up to this day, the use of these doors has not changed much. Dutch doors are recommended for pet owners, as well as parents of small children, so that they can accept deliveries or talk to people at the door while preventing pets and small children from wandering out.

Though the concept is originally from the Netherlands, the Dutch door became popular in North America. In recent years, there has been a surge in its popularity yet again, making this a notable front door trend this year. 

Red entry door

5. Trending Front Door Colors

Front door colors are a highly personal decision to make. But if you’re looking for inspiration, let’s talk about the trending colors and shades in home decor.

Soft Pastel Colors

The soft and unassuming look of pastel colors is so versatile that they can complement a wide range of color palettes. It’s easy to think of candy colors when the word pastel is mentioned. 

Though bright candy-like pastel colors like baby blue, mint, and apricot can definitely work on front doors, so can more subdued pastel colors like a duck egg, smoke, and raspberry. When coordinated well with your home’s design, pastel-colored doors give a sense of lightness, ease, and calm.   

Darker Shades

Though on the opposite side of the spectrum to pastel colors, darker shades also remain popular in 2021. The bold and robust impression that these door colors convey makes them a timeless favorite. Though the initial idea of darker shade doors is that they may come across as stand-offish, some colors will actually have a warm and inviting effect. 

Natural Textures

Authentic, raw, and beautiful, it’s no surprise that natural textures continue to remain popular. Natural materials, such as wood and metal, already have interesting textures and patterns that some homeowners prefer to showcase rather than hide under the paint. For this type of front door, either tinting or patina is used to accentuate the door’s natural beauty. 


6. Doors of Fiberglass or Steel

Wood has been the traditional choice when it comes to front door material. The downside, however, is that wooden doors are high maintenance and are prone to warping and other forms of water damage. So next on our list of door trends is the rising popularity of low-maintenance alternative materials, such as steel and fiberglass.  

As a front door material, steel is relatively low-maintenance, robust, sustainable, and energy-efficient. Meanwhile, fiberglass is nearly maintenance-free, more affordable, energy-efficient, and can even be textured to resemble wood. With these advantages over wooden front doors, it’s clear why these two materials are gaining popularity.  



That’s it for our list of contemporary front entry door trends. Whatever type of door you opt for, what really matters at the end of the day is that you have a reliable, secure, and stylish front door that you are happy with. 

Which of these door trends inspired you the most? Share your thoughts with us; we love hearing from you.    


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