4 Ideas for a Bathroom Renovation Project

4 Ideas for a Bathroom Renovation Project


Are you trying to come up with an idea for your next home improvement project? For example, is your goal to make a room in your home more attractive and comforting while spending as little money as possible? If so, consider making bathroom renovations. Because bathrooms tend to be small compared to other spaces in a home, making improvements to a bathroom may not cost as much money as revamping another space would.

There are various ways you can make minor upgrades that will nevertheless significantly improve your comfort in a bathroom. The following are ideas to consider.


1. Install a Bidet

Before considering interior design changes, you can make to your bathroom, keep in mind that you can also make affordable changes that are good for your health. Knowing that your bathroom is helping you live a more wellness-centric lifestyle may be more important to you than knowing your bathroom’s aesthetic reflects current interior design trends.

For example, you might want to install a bidet in your bathroom toilet. The popularity of bidets has been increasing worldwide, including in areas where they were much less common until recent years. This is partly because research consistently indicates that using a bidet instead of toilet paper offers a range of health and comfort benefits.

You might also want to install a bidet if going green is one of your values. It’s been determined that using bidets over toilet paper is better for the environment. This is because by using a bidet, you will be limiting your consumption of resources.

2. Add Plants

Again, bathrooms are usually relatively small. That means there might not be much space in your bathroom where you can add fixtures and decor.

However, there’s probably some space in your bathroom where you could at least add a small plant. Doing so isn’t merely a simple way to make a bathroom more attractive. Studies have shown that the presence of greenery in a space can positively impact a person’s mood and overall mental health. Studies show that greenery can yield this effect even when plants are technically fake.


3. Mount Your Faucet on the Wall

This upgrade requires a little more work than others here, but it’s worth considering because it offers both practical and aesthetic benefits.

Interior designers have found that bathrooms often look “sleeker” when faucets are mounted onto walls instead of rising from sinks. Along with improving the look of a bathroom in a simple way, a wall-mounted faucet makes cleaning the back areas of a sink easier, as you won’t need to try to clean around knobs.

4. Use Storage Baskets

Cute storage baskets can serve as decor while making your life just a little easier when you need a clean towel. Keeping clean towels in storage baskets ensures you can always quickly grab one in the bathroom whenever you need it. In addition, you can place these baskets in various spots on the floor (the right spot for them will depend on the layout of your bathroom) to add some extra charm to the space.

The main point to keep in mind is that you don’t necessarily need to spend much money to make parts of your home more attractive. For example, by making specific fundamental changes to your bathroom, you can boost your comfort level at home without breaking the bank.

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