5 effective tips for a spotless Aged Care facility

5 effective tips for a spotless Aged Care facility


Aged Care is a very challenging profession as it requires more soft and hard skills than probably any other profession or industry. One of the most challenging aspects of the Aged Care facility has to be the cleaning agenda. The elderly have a low immune system which automatically makes them vulnerable to diseases and infections. Hence all Aged Care amenities should be acquiring the best possible cleaning services.

Cleanliness is fundamental to every hospitality environment. An aged care facility provides accommodation, medical amenities and food to the elderly and each of these provisions can only be of high standard and quality if they are hygienic. Only then can the members of the Aged Care and their families trust the organization completely.

Given below are some tips which can be followed to give your facility that extra shine and sparkle.


  • Hire a trustworthy cleaning service

Not all cleaning services know and understand the minute and intricate requirements of an Aged Care facility. Hiring a good cleaning group can always help as they understand the different requirements of different places and can provide services which are best suited for your organization.

An Aged Care cleaning facility specially customises its provisions in order to suit the criterion of their clients. Details like proper sanitation, spraying of disinfectants, odour control and recurring changes of basic items like towels, covers and bedsheets can be some of their attractive traits.


  • A Digital Presence

A digital presence is all the more important nowadays as it gives a glimpse of your organization to your target audiences. A website with good pictures of clean rooms, helpful and compassionate staff and basic amenities along with attractive content about the emergency services, nurses, and other activities of the Aged Care facility.

It is important that your website looks professional and hence cleaners in uniforms with masks and gloves along with face shields is a great way of emphasising the level of sincerity your organization has regarding cleanliness, this automatically attracts a large number of people to the organisation.


  • Let in some expert help

Expert help can be required for many purposes such as cleaning, planning, arranging, decorating etc. For events like a birthday party, a get together with friends and family of the members or anniversaries, expert help from cleaning companies or decorators can add that professional touch to the special events.

After-party clean up and sanitisation are also a major worry that needs to be taken care of with precaution. After all, you do want to make your members feel at home, right?


  • Good Behaviour

‘Behaviour is the mirror in which everyone shows their image’ — doesn’t this famous quote by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe ring a bell? Elderly people may be a bit difficult to deal with as old people can behave like children. They might have their prejudices, thoughts and even tantrums at times.

The cleaners of the Aged Care need to be given instructions for proper behaviour towards the members. However it is important that good conduct is a two way process, the management at the Aged Care facility too need to be aware that the group-D staff is treated properly and does not have to be the subject for misconduct under any circumstances.


  • Scientific Procedures

Cleaning is not only washing, scrubbing and dust removal, cleaning is an art! And an artist needs to perform the art in specific and scientifically approved ways.

This art uses the elaborate process of a 6-step cleaning for complete protection from any sort of germ growth. The process includes a pre-clean process, then comes the main clean, the rinse, disinfection, final rinse and finally hot dry.

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