NaCl Residence by by David Jameson Architect

NaCl Residence by by David Jameson Architect

Architects: David Jameson Architect
Location: Bethesda, Maryland, USA
Year: 2011
Area: 4,860 sqft
Photo courtesy: Paul Warchol

Breaking the prescriptive mold of on a level plane layered homes, NaCl House tries to render vague the spatial association of the task and investigate a construction modeling of questionable scale. The resultant massing uncovers a blemished, unpleasant cut structure reviewing the normal isometric development of mineral rock salt.


The outside sythesis is perused as a solitary question that mirrors a dynamic liquid inside. Uncorrelated to the structures structure, coating boards are point by point flush to the outside surface, disposing of shadows which promote restrain a perusing of the structures scale.

NaCl-Residence-01-1 NaCl-Residence-01-2 NaCl-Residence-01-3 NaCl-Residence-01 NaCl-Residence-02 NaCl-Residence-03 NaCl-Residence-04 NaCl-Residence-05 NaCl-Residence-06 NaCl-Residence-07 NaCl-Residence-08 NaCl-Residence-09 NaCl-Residence-10 NaCl-Residence-11 NaCl-Residence-12 NaCl-Residence-13 NaCl-Residence-14 NaCl-Residence-16 NaCl-Residence-17 NaCl-Residence-18 NaCl-Residence-21 NaCl-Residence-22 NaCl-Residence-23 NaCl-Residence-24 NaCl-Residence-25 NaCl-Residence-26

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