Beautiful Concrete House in Ubatuba by SPBR Arquitetos

Beautiful Concrete House in Ubatuba by SPBR Arquitetos

Architects: SPBR Arquitetos
Location: Ubatuba, São Paulo, Brazil
Year: 2009
Area: 3,660 sqft
Photo courtesy: Nelson Kon

This 55m x 16m ground plot, situated at the far right end of Tenório’s Beach, verges on the seashore at one side and goes up a half slant slope, just coming to road level at 28 meters. The hard soak slope and its trees are both secured by ecological laws. They have roused the whole procedure utilized as a part of the origination of the undertaking.


Three segments, made in fortified solid, bolster the house. The throwing of these sections is conceivable by the utilization of sliding structures. Four bars lay on the highest point of them with a specific end goal to hang the chunks from above furthermore to evade the utilization of bolster edges amid the development procedure, making it speedier and more judicious. The slight, beamless pieces and their level game plans permit mind boggling ocean sees from each room inside the house. The principle access to the house is made “upside down”.


The patio on top is at same level of the road. An extension join the road to the primary passage of the house, permitting diverse perspectives of the ocean, of the slope and of the trees. Other than protecting a characteristic scene, this hanged house really skims among the trees, encompassed by fowls and open towards the ocean. At the end of the day, this is a house that can smell, hear and see.

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